Why Do I Have 2 Phantom 4 Drones & How I Carry Drone On Bicycle?


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  1. Be careful with fake sunglasses – wearing some fake sunglasses is worse than not wearing anything. This is because the fakes are dark but don't have any UV protection and just dialate your pupils exposing more of your eye to the UV.

  2. Yes mate!!! Drone footage at last! Could you take the drone on your adventures, go close to water bodies or even waterfalls. Of course mountains, go very high and 360 on top of mountains. On long descents or flat stages set up the "following" mode. Impressive footage could be taken on the "sport" mode where you zoom pass over yourself!

  3. Hi there. Thank you for all of the info and effort in your videos. Please may I ask a out bikes. Have you had any experience with the GIANT Rapid series of bikes and do you recommend them? I basically need a bike for road riding and fitness, but need a flat bar or even a low rise bar. I would consider any brand. Sorry to ask, it's just you seem to know loads about bikes etc. Thanks Matthew.


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