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  1. GoPros SUCK. ALL OF THEM. DO NOT BUY A GOPRO!!   I bought a Hero+ a while back. . . more like a Zero-.  😉    Had problems from the start.  If you turned on wireless  (which kills battery life quickly btw), then turn off the device at the end of the day,  the blue tooth stays on, thus continuing to drain the battery. So the first day I wanted to use it mountain biking, it was dead on the trail. FAIL (and no, the blue flashing light is not always helpful cuz it starts AFTER you have stowed away the device in a bag or wherever).   

    Second FAIL:  if you record a bunch of videos, then delete ONE in the middle. . . the device gets 'confused', cant use the free space, but even worse CANNOT RECORD AT ALL! (and YES, I have the latest firmware gopro). You have to go and DELETE ALL videos on the card! RETARDED. 

    Third FAIL:  after the FIRST winter that I didnt use the device for about 4 months. . . the 'settings' button DOESNT WORK AT ALL.  I cant turn wireless on or off, change modes, anything! (I cant even use the phone app, cuz that wud require turning on wireless first!).  All I can do is record, and sometimes it doesnt record AT All.  

    So, in closing. . . GOPROs are really OVERPRICED, OVERRATED PIECES OF SHIT.  And what does GOPRO offer to do about your defective device. . . return for refund? NO  Exchange for a new device? NO  Basickally a big F.U. to their customers in the form of offering  a DISCOUNT on the purchase of another piece of SHIT.  

    So now, after little more than a year of use, I have a slightly functional, but EXPENSIVE, paperweight. NEVER AGAIN GOPRO!!! 


  2. The 5 seemed better in this test, if you will. However you spent a week running around with them and if you say the 4 is better overall…then I've got nothing to challenge your assessment. Nice place you've got there…life is good !

  3. Hero 5 or
    5 Session

    The other ones suck in so many ways in pix and sound… so no on session and no on silver in my book.. Then its a price point that will matter…
    Hero 5 $399
    5 session $299

    The others..
    sessions $299
    silver $350

    So $399 for a cam that you can loose… Where is that $30 cam I was using that was working… lol


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