GoPro Accessories Video Is Up! The question I get asked more than anything, especially this time of year, is should I get a …


  1. I am going to Mexico next month with my bff. We are wanting to get a go pro. We are new to the family. Which one do you recommend? We have never had a camera before. We are going to Cancun and want to film everything.

  2. Brandon, I really, really enjoyed your video and your funny, too!
    I have a question, please. The kind of person I am is; "A bike touring, cross country skier and runner. In your opinion, what camera would you recommend? I'm leaning toward the 5 because it's voice activated and I find myself fumbling around with my phone video while trying to keep my eyes on the bike trails; not good!
    Does the Go Pro Sesssion have voice activation? Would that be a good choice for capturing my sporting activites? Arhhhhhh, I'm soooooooooo confused on what camera to purchase.

    Thanks, friend!

  3. What camera should i use if i want to capture some epic snowmobile moments in the winter, beach fun (water) in the summer but also be able to capture som good looking views of, lets say the sun going down?

  4. I just ordered a Hero 4 Black on eBay for $120, comes with cable, case, camera, battery. It was cheaper to get the full bundle for the black over the Silver. I don't know why you would buy a silver over the black unless you really needed an LCD. The Hero 4 black is far superior with 1080p120fps, 4k30fps, and 2.7k60fps.


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