Which Drone To Buy? DJI Drone Comparison and Drone Buying Guide


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  1. whats the price difference on the new color drone vs the one you currently have in white?

    i might be willing to get it and trade you if you agreed to be my personal drone tech and help my dumbass.

    I'm serious.

  2. Hi Timothy I was wondering if you have any advise on tweeking return to home mode so the drone will land on a pad (1 mtr round) my mavic platinum seems to return close but not exact ???

  3. Hey Timothy, man I really love you channel I am new to drones well not new but I never owned a real good one like the dji ones. I just bought a P4P+ and wanted to know if you think it’s a bad idea to have the Itelite DBS Phantom 4 Pro Antenna Range Extender added thanks for your help and any feedback.

  4. HI Timothy…
    I have thorough enjoyed every video you have produce. I have viewed most of them and subscribe to your channel.
    The videos you produce are precise and to the point and very beneficial for the beginner like myself. I flew corporate aircraft for a living for years and have been retired now for 16 years…i'm 77 and decided I get back into flying so to speak…LOL.
    I just buried a sister-in-law in Lenoir City on Nov 17th. I've only been there 3 or 4 times and think you live in a great little city!
    Once again i thank you for your exceptional videos.! Please keep the good work…
    Phil Tatum
    Lebanon, KY

  5. The phantom 4 pro is in another league , I sold my mavic for one of these and wow what a difference , the video quality blows the mavic away , as long as you dont mind the size , looking forward to the mavic 2

  6. Timothy as always great video! I have bought the Mavic Pro and the Spark. I love both, and my next one is the Pro. I can’t say thank you enough, you have really taught this old guy a lot!!!! Please keep up the get tutorials…….

  7. I purchased a mavic two months ago from drone nerds it’s a refurb. I heard and read refurbs would be just as good as new. Nope not the case since day one it wouldn’t go past 300 ft in distance or past 100ft in height no matter what troubleshooting I did and I did extensive research on the issue, drove to multiple locations to rule out signal interference. Unfortunately I think I was given a dud. Kinda sucks it’s out getting repaired so soon. Now I hope I’m not getting some email from dji saying I have to pay for something or it’s not covered by warranty even though it’s never been crashed. I’ve read so many horror Stories on the repair process so hopefully I get a working mavic because it seems like a cool drone.

  8. nice review. bytheway i still think mavic currently the best amongs all dji product. its just a bit suck that it dont have side sensors, and only provide obstacle avoidance front/back/bottom

  9. Watched the entire video & nutin on the Phantom 3 ! yeah, I know its old but I just got one about 3 months ago & its a blast to fly. And for $500. ya can't beat it. I love it. I think DJI is the best for Drones too. Thx for the video.


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