Which Drone Should you Get? $150-$20,000


The top 8 DRONES for budgets from $150-$40k – or just rent them from our sponsor (coupon code ‘northrup15’ for 15% off). RENTAL …


  1. Hello from Dublin(Ire),
    i have been flying multi rotor machine's since late 2014…My first was a Hubsan H107c.
    My first Drone was a Parrot BeBop which i purchased in mid Summer 2015…that machine for me was a complete disaster.
    I paid top Dollar for the big package with the crazy huge Orange controller and all the bell's n whistle's.
    when I opened the box i thought i was going to be getting the coolest footage in no time flat.
    Boy was I dissapointed when i realised how technical this machine was…especialy when i noticed No Manual's in the box.
    At the time DJI product's were way out of my reach and i reverted to Buying cheap knock off's which worked out just fine for me…no crashes and very affordable too.
    Recently i have purchased a Mavic air and so far i am amazed by how portable and reliable the little guy is.
    DJI help and support have been fantastic all the way so far and i look forward to getting to grips with all of the advanced feature's packed into this great little machine.
    10/10 DJI.
    Keep up the good work…and Best wishes.

  2. I use a controller with my Bebop2. It’s the basic parrot controller, sells for like 25.00 for refurbished, it’s called Flypad. I use in conjunction with xiamiao router repeater that’s about 10 bucks. Makes more sense than buying that huge monstrosity parrot makes. I have a Mavic Pro and an Anifi but I still use my Bebop2. Had to replace an engine the other, when I had an accident. No sweat.


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