Which drone should You Buy /DJI/Autel/ mavic/phantom/Evo


Please watch: “Drone wife is back! ” –~– Which drone should You Buy /DJI/Autel/ mavic/phantom/Evo Prices …


  1. Good summary of the present lay of the land; Think I will wait for the new EVO.
    1st reason: Autel drones aren’t cluttered up with geofencing restricting software.
    2nd reason: it would appear that a lot of DJi customers are not really impressed by DJi customer service in comparison to Autel’s.
    3rd reason: by all accounts, going by YouTube reviews, the Autel Evo has a more robust construction feel to it in comparison to DJi.

  2. My EVO makes my Mavic Air look and feel like a toy. DJI has the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. How do they get away with not giving you an explanation of what was done to your drone or why you have a different one. I got an email stating what was going to be done and then I get a different drone. What the hell? This is a business practice I’m not familiar with nor am I comfortable with.

  3. Where are you getting a fly more kit to the Mavic 2 for $200? Also, Best Buy is adding a $100 gift card and fly more kit with the drone for $999 about every other week. $600 cheaper than the Zoom 2. Making it still the best drone for the value IMO.

  4. Mike the Mavic 2 Pro and zoom do not have sells heating batteries. I believe Your thinking of the Enterprise line.. definitely not in the regular Mavic2 pro and zoom. I have them both..

  5. U should have the evo after , the mp2 , then the zoom , then the anafi , then the mavic , air , as for the spark , as u said anafi has been falling out the air, i have seen the spark fly away , all over many more of them fly away than the anafi, fallung from the sky and i have seen many sparks fall from the sky also , i speak in facts , and experience , not hearsay. Good video , but some in the wrong, but we all have our opinion lol.

  6. Great informative video covering the pro's & con's of all the popular consumer drones.
    As a owner of Autel Evo drone I was very interested in the rumours of possible updated Evo.Are these rumours from a good source or just Internet waffle. Ive not read or seen anything. .

  7. Bingo no accesories that's the biggest issue for me but the Evo is a good drone so far I just received it last week had it in the air one time but the weather is horrible over here my opinion is my mavic 2 Zoom is the best /2 serious and I think the Aute Evo would come in second place I just hope Autel come out with a charger soon and your comment about the mavic air I don't mind the noise but the lagging is the worst that's why I send mine back but thanks for the video still waiting to see your 4hawks in action I read some reviews people are saying you have to point them at the Drone or you can lose signal I'm waiting for an amplified system that would be the best but thank you anyways for the great video and take care my friend


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