Which Drone Should I Buy? – March, 2016 Edition


Which drone should I buy? There are many drones to choose from in 2016. Like most any technology, drones are continuing to evolve. Below are links to the drones that I mention within this…


  1. Yuneec H is a fantastic bird. have researched it for months (as I have with the P4) and it is by far value for money the best drone available in the next few weeks. Look at these fantastic features:
    For the price its perfect, lets remember guys, if you buy a P4 you still have to spend $$$ on a screen, add that to the already expensive price of the P4.
    1: retracting landing gear (no legs in your shots…EVER)
    2: 360 deg gimbal (it will keep turning all day)
    3: NO PROPS IN SHOT… most annoying thing with all my drones is props in shot ! The H fixed that.
    4: if 1 motor dies mid flight the H will land safely.
    5: 7" screen built into the controller.
    1: I find the video is slightly behind the quality of the P4 pro. No deal breaker though (to me)
    I will point out, I own 2 DJI P2's both run gopro. Love them to death. But DJI has 1 thing that people need to know….
    THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH FOR WARRANTY ! infact its almost non existent. (added that for all the new comers out there.)
    My H arrives very soon. I will be saving myself so much editing time now that I wont have props in the shot anymore.
    Oh and the law suit is not going to stop it from being sold. This is DJI trying to slow it down until they develop something with the same features.

  2. Just wondering whats your issues with the Inspire? You mentioned in one of your other videos you really dont like it.. Just wondering why and if money wasnt a problem, which is better , the P4 or Inspire?

  3. I left DJI pretty soon. Service is a complete mess. Yuneec for me is the best choice, 4k as well and superior service, at least in germany. No fly aways (3 with DJI P2P and yes calibrated, no powerlines around). DJI's are faster but also a lot louder and there is a 3rd party arial for extended range for the q500(+ 4k). Just my experience from the last 2 years

  4. Hey Irix ,just a couple of questions.Have you heard about people having issues with the phantom 4 cameras squealing or clicking? I have seen some videos where they actually show them squealing and clicking and am wondering if its maybe just a one off.Have u heard anything? Also,has dji improved their customer service yet?It sucks and thats whats keeping me from buying a P4. Currently i am flying a chroma and have had it replaced once no charge as it flew off like satan had a hold of it.Not sure what happened but was very happy with the customer service and the way I was treated. Looking like my next multi is gonna be the typhoon hache ( lol sry couldnt resist ) unless dji smartens up but thats not gonna happen anytime soon. Keep the vids comin.

  5. My question may be out of topic, but i own a p3 standard and once flew it at a crowded beach and got only up to 200m before losing video signal but in an empty field i got it up to 600m for the video signal, are mobile phones may be a cause for the interference?

  6. YIKES! This is the kind of video one SHOULD NOT DO because in 3 months from now people will watch this and wonder why you didn't mention Drone X or Drone Y which could happen to be great and popular drones. Right now the ONLY new drone out that is of interest is the Phantom 4, which means you're speaking to a topic with now legitimate basis of comparison. I would suggest you change the title of your video or else in future people will wonder if someone had hidden your medication during the taping of this video. 🙂

  7. I'm currently dealing with a DJI Customer service nightmare. I could possibly have to rely on their hardware in a professional setting and question their future. Do your homework and read the blogs before you purchase. They have a history of similar negative experiences and are quickly developing a poor reputation.

  8. Hey Irix, I'm just posting this comment to tell you how awesome of a YouTuber you are, you reply to your comments and your videos and fun and informative! You put a lot of effort in your videos and they are really good!

  9. Hey Irix, from what I'm hearing the range on the P4 isn't as advertised and actually shorter than the P3. Also they say the battery life isn't as advertised either. Let us know how you find it.

  10. Hey Irix….I got my money back on the Lily. The latest test video that came out a few days ago was a disaster. Shaky, wobble video. I aint waiting till summer. They are in trouble with the Phantom 4 coming out. Ill pass. So NO HACHE, no FLYING BIRD, and now NO LILY!! yikes!!


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