WHICH DRONE SHOULD I BUY? DJI Spark? DJI Mavic? DJI Phantom? Yuneec Typhoon H?


I am often asked the question “what camera drone should I buy?” I usually ask what the drone will be used for and most times I get the response “I want to look at …


  1. Love your detailed, knowledgeable videos they truly are the best and refreshing. Even though I didn't need to see this video and know these things already it was still nice to watch and I always still feel like i'm learning. Thanks for your contribution Captain Drone you should have several hundred subscribers. I think people watch your videos a lot but forget to subscribe or may not have a Youtube account cause you're definitely hands down the best drone review/informer. 🙂

  2. I say typhoon h and I do have phantom3 pro and have yet been sucessful in making a first flight with it, typhoon h is 90 percent ready to fly right out of the box. I will eventually experience my first flight with my phantom I bought both a month apart about a year ago if this helps anyone. Dennis C his comment says alot also. up,up,and away everyone!

  3. Nice video! 🙂 Thanks for the information.

    First "decent" drone I bought was the JYU Hornet S, and to be completely honest… DON'T! Gimball mount doesn't work anymore, GPS is terrible, it's about 350$ but still… It wasn't worth the money… Although the speed feels nice to fly with in mode 3.
    Before that I had a 60$ toy drone that was absolute crap, but whatever xD

    I'm about to buy a Typhoon H, but not really sure about it. I want it tho xD Should I buy it? (It'd be the version without Intel RealSense)

  4. Only reason I didn’t get the Yuneec Typhoon H is that I have heard bad things about it from friends. But I do love the 6 motors for safety reasons. Still waiting for the new DJI Mavic 2 to be released. Hopefully SOON!
    Still flying my DJI Inspire 2 and loving it!

  5. Wonderful content. I appreciate the well thought out comprehensive reviews of each drone. It answered everything I was looking for. A mavic pro looks to cover all my needs however the typhoon seems like an amazing platform and ground station. Thank you sir

  6. Nice one Cap’n. I consistently get 26 mins from my Mavics 4 batteries but they have only about 27 flights. I have to honest I dont push them to the limit and they are rotated as per your number system. Cheers

  7. If you had to do it over again knowing everything you know now, and could only get one drone (which obviously isn't the case, which makes me envious) to meet as many of your needs as possible, would it be the Typhoon H, the Mavic Pro, or the P4?

  8. i got a Phantom 4 and a Inspire 1 , i love these drones , but im new to this , i always wanted to fly when i was younger , now i fly , i love them , thanks for the Video bro , good job

  9. I can't decide between the Typoon H (with out realsense) and the Mavic Pro. I am going to use the drone for my trip to Australia and New Zealand so I like the portability of the Mavic but I don't like using my cell phone for the controller. I have 4 questions:
    1. Do you need wifi connection on your phone to use the Mavic (if you loose a wifi signal will you loose or crash the drone)?
    2. Will my phone (Samsung 7) fit the Mavic controller if the phone has an Otterbox case over it?
    3. Are drones allowed in Australia and New Zealand (the size of the Typhoon H worries me)? 4. I cant afford to get the Typhoon H Pro with realsense technology, but I am leaning toward the Thphoon H but I am really worried about crashing since it has no obstacle avoidance. Can it automatically return to me without hiting an obstacle?

  10. Good job, Cap'n! For those who haven't flown before one thing to consider is buying a $50 or so drone first and learn how to fly it. It will reduce the waterfall of tears if you were to crash one of these due to pilot error.

    Depending on how long you may keep your drone you may want to look at advanced features that can be added later. For example, adding the Intel RealSense module for the Typhoon H.

  11. Nice video, but I kinda have my mind set on a Yuneec drone, cause of they seem more like what I am after, and if I want a drone, I'll have to save longer to get a DJI. I'm pondering about wether to go for the Typhoon H or Q500 4K. It would be very interesting to download a raw file from the Yuneec drones, just to have a look at the file and how things look. I've been photographing and I only use raw files, for a long time now, and been doing video a lot as well the last couple of years (I use two Samsung NX1 bodies).

  12. I have a Typhoon H that I got for about $350 via price error on Amazon. Woo! I haven't had it for very long, but I HIGHLY recommend a set of ND filters for it. Using the manual camera settings with an ND filter (Captain Drone has a video on this for more info) substantially improves video and picture quality.

  13. I've flown the Typhoon H Pro, but now I'm considering owning a Mavic Pro. You loose flight stability, camera functions and a tiny bit of top speed, but you gain A BETTER CAMERA, way way way way way more portable than the Typhoon H and it's still "decent" to fly outside, take on 20-25km/pH winds…

    the Typhoon H is huge, but it's still the same camera quality at the Yuneec Typhoon Q500. 4K.

    If your going nuts over camera quality and you don't mind loosing comfortable quick easy portability, as well as paying more money, and owning a drone that looks like it's from a Toy Store, then the Phantom 4 is for you.

    spark is gay is everyway possible. I could only imagine high school girls using that.

  14. Pretty detailed and concise report, thank you Captain Drone for your review.

    In regards to the Typhoon H, something that I'd like to know is if the Intel Real Sense Typhoon H edition is worth getting. Have you tested this version of the Typhoon H?

    For the record, I have never flown any of these drones (wasn't interested in getting one until now) and I haven't been able to find a good review regarding this Real Sense Technology to justify the price change.

  15. Excellent video and very informative. I have the Phantom 3 Pro and I like it very much. So far I will stick with it because obstacle avoidance at 200' is not worth upgrading to the Phantom 4 (although the camera and flight modes are upgraded also).
    Thanks again Capitan.

  16. great video. and well communicated. thanks for making it! im struggling between getting a p4p or the mavic. id like to monetize some filming with random projects for businesses, yet i plan on going overseas for a holiday. wondering if i would be kicking myself for lugging around the larger p4p if i took it hiking in interesting places. or if the better camera would make it all worth it (im sure id get more jobs by having it)


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