Which Drone? Phantom 3 Standard vs Mavic Pro side by side


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  1. i travel alot and think8ng of starting my channel .. i currently have the phantom 3 standard and i wanted to upgrade to something that can also carry high winds on beaches that laso has the far distance .. is the mavic pro a good upgrade?

  2. I really want a mavic but thats way too expensive but i seen a phantom 3 advanced for only 400 on craigslist so now the smarter move is to go with the cheaper one. But i still love the fact that a mavic can fold up 5x smaller than a phantom and now i have a though decision

  3. I just picked up a phantom 3 standard for $300 to see if Iโ€™d enjoy it. Love it so far and this video made me feel confident in the purchase. Fewer bells and whistles but hell of a lot cheaper.

  4. Hi, nice comparison video.

    Please share price of both. And suggest me which one good for me to buy. I want to take pictures of quarry, which is wide around 1-1.5 km and digged around 1km depth. I want to capture many pictures in constant height.

  5. Hi Ian, James here from leicestershire, I've watched as many of your videos as i can and they are all brill ! It will be my first drone and Im about to buy a Mavic pro from such as currys pc world and wondered if you would still recommend it against any other drones upto ยฃ1000 on the market and lastly seeing as its so late in the year do you think the one i will receive will have had any updates / revisions to it from some of the little issues I've read about or would you wait till the possible Mavic 2. Thanks so much.


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