Which DJI Drone is Best For You? | DJI Drone Buyers Guide


DJI Black Friday Deals: In this video, I go over all the specs, prices and details of the most popular DJI Drones to help you choose which DJI …


  1. I got the spark fly more combo from Bestbuy CAD 679 including tax. BestBuy do pricing match with amazon CA + 10% discount to beat amazon lowest price. Spark is a good value for money and fair enough as an entry level drone.

  2. I don't understand how no one recommends the m1p, like u can get it for 800$ CAD on ebay, wifi is no good for these expensive drones, a good way to loose ur investm3nt, id say get the spark m1 or m2 with the m1 being obviously the best deal

  3. I’ve only had it 3 months and only use it recreational. I’m only just now getting used to it , it’s my first drone and you’re right it’s a great drone to learn on.

  4. Thanks for your vid. I’m sorry I don’t know your name?.
    Your video imo confirmed I brought the correct drone – the Mavic 2 Zoom.
    Not much footage on my YourTube Channel MrSmileygc yet as it’s only a week old.
    I live in Thailand and need to edit my recent Vietnam footage.
    Thanks again.

  5. I got the Spark (used one), for half a price 2 weeks ago. I love it! For my first drone.
    Yes I sish it had 4K, WiFi range sucks. But all over it is ok. I got fly more combo and third extray batery. Unfortunatly starting price is expencive but 2 year woranty my drone is still one yaer safe.

  6. The Phantom 4 Pro is still better than the Mavic 2 Pro even though they share the same 1" sensor. I wouldn't waste my money on the M2P, if you want professional results, get the P4P version 2 with OcuSyn.

  7. TELLO is such a bargain for what it is a toy drone with a camera not an aerial photo drone. You check tello out and learn to fly a bit, then decide if you are gonna go all the way to mavic pro or settle for mavic air. Spark.. Spark is a budget Mavic Air, that's what it is.

  8. lets wait until Nov.28 (DJI "Because Life is Big" Event) … just in case there's a new drone… 
    I'm hoping for a Spark 2 but thinking it's a pocket Osmo…


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