Which Computer for Photo & Video Editing?


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  1. I'm preparing to build a good PC. Three questions:

    1. This is a three year old video. Do you still say 8-16 GB for Lightroom? We have CC Photography package, often have Lr & Ps running at the same time. Could save some money by not going to 32.

    2. For my curiosity, is your case mid or full tower?

    3. I'm not going to overclock, would prefer not to water cool. How many fans?

    Thanks for your very informative video!

  2. This was such a thorough and useful video, that I wonder if you would think of doing a mini-update on an annual basis on computers for photo and video editing?

  3. Hi Tony, what if I use 4 K monitor than it will not give the true representations, what I will print, how you deal with your print quality compare to your monitor?

  4. Interesting video Tony, I’m wanting to buy a Laptop that is capable of editing 4K video from my drone Micro Disc card, I would like a Usb3 socket 14-15 inch screen maybe an internal dvd writer, etc etc
    No more than £400.00,Amy ideas please,
    Kind regards
    David, in the UK

  5. If you have 2 drives, one SSD with de OS (W10) and all the programs installed, and another "traditional" (1tb, 7200rpm) drive where you keep your files, archive, etc… where should you keep the files you're currently working on? Is it better to keep them in the SSD drive (even though it's where the programs and OS are installed) or would it be faster to keep them on a separate disk from the OS despite being a traditional and not ssd drive? When you're done with them they end up in the traditional drive (+backup), but where should the working files be in the meantime!? (PS & LR photo editing, no video!)
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Have a custom PC game monster with premiere on but also a 12 core 3.4GHz custom upgraded MacPro with FCPx – I prefer using FCPx and much more fluid and better workflow at 4K. Also find it odd that folk think MacPros are locked down, mine has new CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, PCI ssd cards, upgraded RAM etc etc:

  7. PC'S (WINDOWS SYSTEM gets viruses too easily, go with mac apple…..bad people target windows……What does that system cost ?????>?—-i use a mac apple with Configuration

    1.4GHz dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz

    Intel HD Graphics 615

    16GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory

    512GB SSD storage

    Backlit Keyboard – US English

    Accessory Kit, and an external drive 1.5TB…i am a pleasure photographer….

    pci ssd
    10 cores
    16gb ram minimum 32gb recommended
    4k display
    Graphic cards are more important now with video editing and the quadro are noticeable better.

    Technology is advancing so quickly.

  9. Muchas gracias Tony! Saludos desde México. I used my old MacBook Pro since 2012 … It was great for what I used to do (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF) … but now that I started studying your books (SDP and LR 6), I got LR 6 ( trial version), I felt for the first time in years that I need to update my computer, before making the investment in LR 6 for Mac.
    After watching your video, I decided to go to Windows and try it with a PC, just because to get a good Apple computer (all the specifications) I need to spend about $ 3500, and if I design my own desktop, I will spend more or less $ 2,000 … that's a big difference! At least for me, it seems that it's not worth spending that much … basically because for my work, as I said before, I do the basics. I'm going to use it just to start editing. Thank you! My girlfriend and I enjoyed reading your books and seeing you and Chelsea in your videos.

  10. Well i am using Linux by the way good for coding free open. I don't use Adobe just normal Gimp for some photos, and MAC . Believe with open source why you have to pay if you can have the some effect for free.

  11. It's a shame a graphic card doesn't make all that of a difference, it's exactly where I put my buck for games. But it's nice it's good for videos. I do some 1080p 60fps action videos and for that it's quite enough.

  12. I switched to PC because they have more software selection. Plus I build my own computer and over clock them. Much easier to troubleshoot over name brand PC computers.

  13. Nice Rig. Way beyond my amateur needs but at the pro level, I can see how even this rig may not be enough. Thanks for sharing Tony. btw: Love ALL of your vids. I've learned a lot and bought your How to Create Stunning Digital Photography how to book. Excellent!


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