What LENS should YOU BUY?!


What lens should you buy? I asked the same questions when I wasn’t quite sure on where to invest my money. There are so many lens choices and variations …


  1. I am looking at buying the Canon 80d because I would like to start doing photography and also vlogging at wildlife centers and theme parks. I also may take occasional family event still photos. What do you recommend for equipment?

  2. could you make a video on the potential of a gopro (or action cams in general)? I am going to travel soon and I would love to document my travels in a professional way. I don't have a camera at the moment and am considering buying myself an action cam as they are so easy to take into any situation. You make such informative videos so I thought maybe you know something about this 🙂

  3. Hi Peter. I like your channel. But as many other vloggers, your videos have the same annoying problem: Music and speech audio differ too much in volume. A better ratio would be good, so we dont have to adjust speaker volume up/down all that much. Just a tip to make your videos even better. Cheers.

  4. Dude, love your videos! One question: Do you have any tipps regarding protecting your camera and lens, when shooting in sandy areas (i.e. beach or in a windy canyon)? Maybe some professional as well as DIY equipment. I did some shots in Antelope Canyon in Arizona and i had to have my camera cleaned inside out and replace my lens…

  5. Just a minor pet peeve there (when talking about the alley shot): technically, it's NOT the lens choice that drastically changed the subject, it's the choice of distance FROM the subject, that changed the perspective. The choice of focal length only defines the crop (framing), not the perspective. Perspective is only defined by camera to subject distance, hence there is no such thing as a lens distorting or compressing perspective.

    Take it from one of the best photographers in history:

    “The perspective of an image is controlled by the distance of the lens from the subject; changing the focal-length of the lens changes the size of the image, but does not alter the perspective. Many photographers overlook this fact, or are unaware if its significance.” Ansel Adams, Examples – The Making of 40 Photographs

  6. Hello, I am about to start wedding , product and industrial photography. So i need to buy a good camera and good pair of lenses. Since i am starting and i don't have much money to invest , i decided to buy canon 80d which i can afford now. So, what do you think @peter , is it going to be a good choice for the work that i am about to start? And what lens do you prefer for that?

  7. Quick question! Can you put Photo Camera Lenses on a Video Camera? Are they interchangeable?
    I have a friend who do photography and have few lenses, i wonder if i can use them on my video camera.

  8. Gotta say, I've been addicted to my 50mm1.4 on my Canon70D, it's hard not to, finally started using my 17-40mm4.0 and it's damn beautiful in the daylight, haha literally perfect, as long as it doesn't get dark, once I pull the trigger on a full frame body I've got to get something else… not sure what yet…

  9. Been watching your vids for a good hour now and couldn't help but subscribe. But lenses seem almost complicated. A lot of number crunching it seems sometimes. But I myself am a natural photo hog. I love taking photos even if I don't always have the passion to do it, Just have a natural tendency to take photos where ever I go, Its almost a habit. So I myself use a Nikon D3300 I bought after I graduated. It came with 2 lenses. One is a 18-55mm, the other is a 55-200mm all for the price of $760. Not bad for beginners like me I would say.

  10. I appreciate this video because I just started shooting a few months ago and I am ready to switch my equipment. As of now I am shooting with a Nikon D5000 and I was wondering if you or anyone could recommend the next model of cannon I should choose. I've read several times in the comments to invest in lenses not bodies but I need the right body in order to buy new lenses. I am mainly shooting portraits but I like doing street photography as well as landscape I am just unsure of the next model I need to get

  11. Awesome video, and thank you for all the insight!What would you recommend for a newbie, starting out, that would like to video record the majority of a small room? (I.e. Where the room is like 10ftX14ft, and the subjuct is a rock band) I would preferably like to capture some of the ceiling as well as the floor. The old iPhone cuts a little too much off! Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

  12. Great video, I think I learned something LOL. Injustice have a puzzling question, I would like a multipurpose lens that can shoot my custom cakes (indoor, natural light when possible or with a help of artificial light) and some kids (specially they don't sit still) or portraits? I am planning to get the Canon T7i.


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