What happens when your drone hits a RED DJI NFZ?//#MAIL- 88


Happy wet Wednesday, #Mail with another great #drone question. This week, what happens when you hit a DJI Red #NFZ ? To Kevin Williamson..Check out …


  1. Dude you ramble on and you never answered his question!! You guys have got to stop doing this, you go on and on and on and on and bounce all around the damn question! I love your videos but answer the question at hand! What happens if your flying and you accidentally fly into a NFZ

  2. I live in country South Australia and have plenty of space to fly, When I resent drone regulations I just think of South Africa, here is a section of it. Drones used either personally or commercially are both subject to the same aviation regulations which include not flying the aircraft more than 45m above the surface or within a radius of 10km from an airport. 45m???? why bother.

  3. If you are in the UK get the Drone Assist app onto your phone it gives a more updated view of restricted zones and also zones that may be restricted for a certain amount of days due to upcoming activity in any area….or Guardian App gives data on the environment you may wish to fly in for more than forty countries.

  4. #MAIL Dylan, what are your thoughts on Amazon/Google Drone deliveries and how can they ever be legal when drones must be in line of sight; in addition, how can it be delivered to a property when there are restrictions on flying near buildings and people? Will these companies get special rights that other drone users can not have? Thoughts?

  5. #mail Hi Dylan, I have another drone burning question… How, and how often should we calibrate our flight vision sensors? I have seen a few issues with precision landings and detection of objects concerning DJI drones and wonder if keeping the sensors calibrated would solve this. The weather isn't great for flying here in good old Blighty, but perfect for some maintenance…cheers PD

  6. I have an EVO because ive not been able to take off and fly up to 30ft to take event photos due to stupid NFZ errors 3 miles away from an airport.. what harm will any drone do flying at 30ft or 40ft 1 mile away from an airport, if trained you should just be warned and not stopped.. its like your car saying "you are in the UK so max speed is now locked to 70mph"

  7. Wonder what DJI will do if the Drone Federalism Act is passed, introduced by Diane Feinstein and Mike Lee. It will take away FAA regulation of unmaned aerial systems flying 200 ft and below and will give that authority to every tribal leader in the United States. Most of my paying jobs are below 200 feet. Don't think except for one Nadir shot I have had any. There will be so many NFZs I don't think DJI will be able to keep up, just like the pilots won't. Every precinct, neighborhood and village will have their own rules, taxes, regulations and No Fly Zones. There will be Tens of Thousands of different small areas each with their own ideas. I think it will kill the drone commerce in the USA, except for only the biggest companies, like large insurance companies, law enforcement, etc. AirMap is the company pushing this bill and financing it. They have given large amounts of money to Feinstein and Lee plus others. They have strong lobbyist which that money is public but I am sure like most in politics there has been favors and more money that is given that is kept private. Of course, there is a good reason AirMaps is pushing for it to be passed.

  8. I was flying on Swansea beach, quite a distance away is HMP Swansea. The DJI NFZ shows the red ring which doesn’t encroach on the beach, real life, I found myself not being able to get above terra firma. The Dji NFZ’s are much bigger than their map shows, the best advice is to just try and avoid these areas.

  9. Hi Dylan. The day after the new law regarding 1km Distance from ATZ, I needed to fly near RAF Cranwell. I managed to unlock my DJI P4P online, putting in controller serial etc. Contrary to what you said I was warned by the app that my home point was within a NFZ and I needed to find a new way home. This message popped up when I was literally 10ft off the ground. I flew the clients fields in all directions but had to re-unlock after each battery change. I flew 2-300 mtrs in all directions.

  10. Very good question Kevin. Dylan, outstanding #MAIL video. Here in the US, I just flew my Mavic Pro here at my home in Southern California after updating the DJI Go 4 APP, never before have I received any notifications last Thursday a notification popped up: "(Safety Notifications:) Your aircraft has entered an Enhanced warning Zone (Restricted Airspace). Please fly with caution. To continue your flight, please select: I agree to bear full responsibility for my flight in this zone". Here where the problem lies, there are NO aircraft landing pads, airports anywhere near me, only a freeway, just a school 1/2 mile away, so now is DJI protecting the freeways that I live two blocks from, LOL. Also, while flying in Round Rock, TX, USA this past weekend at #DroneSpinUp, the Go4 App tells me I'm in a restricted area "within 5 miles from an airport" when I was completely outside of any restricted airspace, I checked both AirMap and B4Ufly prior to the flight. I'm sending my exact coordinates to DJI to find out why all the NEW notifications are popping up. Frankly, this IS ALL a pain in the BUTT! Thanks again for another great video.

  11. Hi Dylan, thanks for video. Seems quite dark there? Must admit I did wonder if the builders had forgotten to do the wiring! Guess we all know now what happens if we encounter a red zone, at least the drone shouldn’t just fall out of the sky! Catch you later, take care, Peter

  12. I guess it’s all on the pilot re NFZs when flying a racing quad with no GPS.
    I hope they don’t over legislate for these and outlaw them.
    The risk of any aerial impact with aircraft will be lower, as its always going to be flown much lower to the ground than I typically fly my Mavic.

  13. I actually have video of a low altitude fly into an NFZ. Flew off at an angle full speed into some bushes and tree..looked for 2 hours before it was found! Can't post video here or i would show you it.

  14. Dylan, Thank you for the very well thought out info on the no fly zones. I hit against one last year while flying in New Zealand. It wasn't marked on the map or app I was using. It just gave me a message that I hit a NO FLY Zone and wouldn't fly any further. I just backed it up a few feet, turned around and came back to my launch point.

    Cheers mate and Merry Christmas

  15. Anyone seen the recent footage of the helicopter flying low over surfers to down a mavic into the sea ? If they were that much of a threat I'm sure the helicopter pilot wouldn't have flown right near it. This act in itself should have had the helicopter pilot stripped of his licence, but the aviation authority who are dead set on removing drones will no doubt sweep this one under the carpet…. As for NFZ's …Look ppl will fly wherever and whenever they want and will find a way around it regardless of the laws.

  16. I have problems with the coloured overlay obscuring my map (in class G airspace away from airports where it is legal to fly, with care). I also have problems with warning popups interfering with flights causing distractions. We can't seem to turn these off in recent DJI go versions. So this, in addition to the high chance of the craft behaving dangerously near red zones as you mention here, tells me that it would be safer all round for careful drone pilots like ourselves to hack our devices and remove them altogether. Logically it would be safer to see the map clearly, not have popup distractions, and have the drone behave predictably all the time. As it is our responsibility to fly as safely as possible this surely means the hacking route is the safest route, at least until DJI & the powers that be sort the software out properly. I'm not advocating dangerous/illegal flying, just looking at the problem purely from a logical perspective. Otherwise I wholeheartedly agree with NFZ's & think they should be enforced by default.

  17. Hi Dylan. I was just wandering if you know why most of the highlands of Scotland is a high risk area. And would I be right in saying I can fly in this area but must be very careful.


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