What Drone to buy in 2016 and Why


Here the Remote Chief makes a personal video explaining how his drone crashed and how Yuneec handled the warranty and fixing his drone. The kicker he …


  1. This video just made me even more happy, knowing that having bought the Q500 4K a month ago, was not a waste of money. Great job again Chief…..will need your help in the future, dont know if you have the time. Just subscribed by the way…..THANKS

  2. Is it POSSIBLE that you were just lucky/fortunate to have had 4 NEW and IMPROVED batteries back?

    One persons personal experiences cannot be validation for or against why everyone else should buy from a company.

    That said, Yuneec based upon the many +ve comments I'm hearing does seem to be a very good drone company to make a purchase have from.

  3. Based upon your experience I almost regret buying a P3 Standard as my first drone (but then again I bought it new for € 495 (approx $ 550 inc. Tax)) but will definitely consider Yuneec when I continue this hobby. I hope DJI takes note of Yuneec's customer service.

  4. I'm debating over the Typhoon 500 4K and the Blade Chroma, both having very comparable features and, both having good customer backing. Have you any experience with the Blade Chroma 4K?

  5. Hi chief,,, my q500 work's perfect but I have one problem my drone don't take a picture when I take a picture the remote control say the snap chat don't work ,,, can u give me a hand ,, tanks

  6. Hey remote chief
    flew my q500 4k last night and noticed one of my batteries looked swollen
    I havent been able to fly much lately, so they have been sitting
    any thoughts on if these batteries are still good enough or not
    love Yuneec


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