What Drone Should I Buy 2018 – Best Drones Under $700 Mid 2018 – DJI, Yuneec, Autel, Parrot Anafi


What Drone Should I Buy 2018 – Best Drones Under 700 Dollars Mid 2018 Are you looking to get your first aerial video drone?


  1. Still trying to figure out why you need a drone with a 2 mile range, when you are supposed to keep them in sight at all times, and at 2 miles away nobody can see them……I get my Q500 4K out 700 feet or so and as big as it is, it is still getting real small and hard to see…….Fly safe and stay legal…….

  2. Hi Jaff, Just wondering not flown my Q500 + for at least 18 months ,do you think it would still be save to? Your doing great videos keep up the good work thanks Pete.

  3. Range is a huge factor to consider. When you get used to flying around, you just want to go further further. You will be limited with range with other companies, dji does really well. Just my opinion. I think my next drone will be a parrot though.

  4. Such a nice review you have produced! I purchased a Yuneec Q5004k because of your great reviews and instructions on how to use this terrific drone. To me simply the best. I have friends with DJI products and they dislike the constant firmware updates and the cell phone FPV controls. Love the Q5004k transmitter, so GREAT!. With the price reductions to be found on Yuneec drones you simply can not do better! Another great manufacture of drones is Hubsan. I have owned and flown the H501S model for over 26 months now, no problems what so ever. With the 1080p camera I get terrific results with video and photographs. Classified as a hobby drone it is so easy to fly just like the Yuneec models. The Hubsan H501S also has a great transmitter with FPV built in. Thank you so much for your professional reviews of this fantastic use as a hobby or professional use of drones.

  5. Another ripping video Jeff. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. I have a Q500 4K and I love it. Yes it's slow, yes it's big and can't really be travelled with, yes it gets caught out in sudden wind gusts but I still think it's a great quad. I had my first mishap with it after having it for a year and flew it into a tree about 3 weeks ago. Fortunately I was flying low and slow and it landed on its back rather than side. 2 broken props and the camera came off the gimble but was easily fixed with the extra patch cable they give you.

    Now I'm looking for a second quad. Really interested in the EVO and the Anafi. Autel do not have dealers here in Australia or ship here so I may end up getting the Anafi, or if the reviews are not so good a Mavic Air.

  6. I got my typhoon h pro 2weeks ago and it’s very nice! Personally I think it’s better than phantom 4. I feel the cgo3+ has more natural colors and overall video looks better. Not sure why so many people hate on the yuneec. Probably a apple vs Samsung type of subject. Lol

    Keep up the good work your videos are the best!!

  7. Are you looking to get your first aerial video drone? I'm going to talk about some of the best drones – to help you decide what drone you should buy in mid-2018, especially if you're a new drone pilot. In this video I cover the best drones under $700, and some that are NOT the best.


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