Drone in the video Bayangtoys X28: We are done reviewing drones…if you all think we should. We are so tired of reviewing drones that …


  1. Instead of buying a few drones at this price point, why don't you wait a little and buy the Parrot Anafi to test? It's the quietest drone and totally differnt from most with high quality app etc. Cheers

  2. First of all, unless “Sunny”is 16 grandma won’t be getting this for him. You know that. You can no longer fly outside, even in your yard if you’re not 16. Secondly there’s a lot of trash out there. Especially in this price point. I totally agree with that assessment of the market right now. I do see drones do well with Captain Drone. Not all by any means but a lot. The biggest problem with these drones is a terrible camera combined with a horrible gimbal. Someday someone will make that 200 dollar 1080p 3axis gimbal drone that actually does well. Lastly don’t take this the wrong way but stop with the repeated sales pitch. We love you guys for who you were. For me it’s simple these days, DJI or nothing I use them in my business and knock on wood have never had a problem at all. Phantom3SE, Mavic Air and Spark. They do so well and the first two are 4K. What more could you ask besides longer flying time. Also use the Pocket for B Role and indoor stuff. Works so well I no longer need to fly through a house.

  3. Since I was into rc helicopters from 1998, I got into quads from the hobby side and have avoided the type of quad you reviewed here from the beginning. Other than a few tiny ones, those are so fun XD

  4. I don’t really consider camera drones RC. Granted, the only two camera drones I’ve flown are the mavic pro and the Parot bebop 2. The mavic was great and key in a wing S&R mission but it’s all automated and therefore automated control, not radio controlled. So… My opinion, stop covering camera drones, they aren’t RC.

  5. I have been in the hobby for 2 years and bought drones with your great advice .. I am a huge MJX fan 4 bugs 3 ,2 bug's 6 and 2 bug's 8 pro .I say fly Mjx Bug's drone's 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing this video. It helps alot. I bought the SJRC S20W and it started doing this about 5 minutes into flying the drone. I recalibrated over and over again with no luck. I contacted the supplier and they said that I'm not calinrating it properly. Eventually had to returning the drine thinking that it was me but this video explains quite nicely that there's alot of shit drones out there. Thanks once again.

  7. I realize it costs you quite a bit of money to do it but, I would prefer you stay with drones and expose the garbage out there when ya'll come across it because, as you so aptly put it "there are big channels on Youtube who don't care…they're just selling this junk for the company to make a fast buck" (sic), and that's what makes me want to puke!! Yes there's always been the slick, sleezy sales people out there that we all have to watch out for, problem is, these big channels are big for a reason, they are somehow respected & people take their word as gospel which pisses me off even more than another bad product in our hobby. There is far, far too much junk in our RC Hobbu now, it needs to be exposed!! A tiny little channel like mine says anything negative and I'm simply seen as a Hater, which is not true, I want to expose the garbage just as much as ya'll do, but you are respected & people trust your opinions and rightly so, ya'll are honest first & foremost. So if my opinion matters at all, I say stick with it & expose this garbage, kudos to the good products and let junk stay on the shelves of the criminals who peddle it. Going to catch the remaining 10 mins of the video now.

  8. Not easy review garbage, but we the drone republic have depended on you: THE RC SAYLORS to tell us in the drone republic of what is good and what is bad. And now we are left to fend for ourselves because we are no longer worth helping. Reminds me of Benedict Arnold, do you remember who was in American history ??? I do as a SPIT-ON NAM VET !!!, DO YOU !!!

  9. I am a 70 y.o. getting into drones for the 1st time. I like your input for your newbies on new drones so we are steered clear of garbage drones. You have been a beacon of truth, but now you choose to dessert the drone newbies. A SHAME !!! Newbies to drones will be the losers, but that is your choice. Good luck in your new ventures and do not look back at the TITANIC and all those lost souls. Signed WE ARE THE LOST,ADIOS !!!

  10. I thought about of being done, so many cheap WiFi fpv drones I have reviewed. Some times you just have to take a break. Now I know how flying Ryan felt, I had to take a month in a half off. Its been amazing spending all my time with my kids and family. Sould try it some time guys, youtube will always be here. You will still get your sales and subscribers, just have to take a break sometimes. Good luck and God bless you guys.

  11. That's a lot of doll hairs for such a poor product. Shocking, but that's China for you. People need you guys to showcase garbage like this, so that they don't waste any time or money on it. Keep up the good work!

  12. The sub $200 market is filled with terrible products for RC in general. I have always respected and appreciated your reviews for calling a spade a spade. don't get burned out on reviewing junk, if I cannot find a review of a rc product, i assume its junk anyway.

  13. If buying these budget drones to review does not hit your budget too much please continue to review drones. I watch the channel for your complete honesty of what you and Abby review. I feel you and Abby help people stay away from the Junk. Love the Channel keep up the great work.

  14. I'd say don't buy those drones anymore, it's a waste of money. If they do send you one though, please continue to tell us like it because I think I speak for many when I say That's part of the reason we're here. Thanks for all the great videos, and I hope they stop with al these trash drones that scary people away from the hobby.

  15. I definitely understand why you would want to stop doing drone videos but your experience definitely helps the consumer and what to and not to buy. Maybe not do as many but I think your finds are very important to people spending their hard earned money.

  16. I am not sticking up for the drone but I see high tension lines behind you. My DJI standard doesn't like that sort of thing it says it is getting magnetic interference. Keep up the good work!

  17. As frustrating as it is for you. I appreciate your reviews and have purchased several products based on your reviews. You are trusted to give an unbiased review so keep it up.

  18. I made a video over a year ago about this same issue, knockoff cheap over hyped drones are advertised on instagram and facebook, I contacted both saying they should not let them place ads that are designed to deceive people but they won't do anything about them, thanks for fighting the good fight..


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