Walkera Voyager 4 4K 18 times Zoom camera Drone release


VOYAGER4 aircraft adopts ultra-light carbon fiber material, substantially reducing aircraft weight as well as improving operational efficiency. More information …


  1. This drone has a lot of problems. We've tested 3 drones at 6000 feet elevations. Flight time is only 10 minutes after that the drops falls without warning one timed it hit the ground control so hard that it broke one landing gear leg. 2 drones were unable to bind to the remote controller (Walkera knows the problem and do not want to give us refund), seems to be that the software has a lot of problems. The gimbal of the 4G version stop working after two weeks (The 4G video never bind). The battery of one of the controllers is dead. This drone is not ready believe me it has so many problems (After 4 months we are still waiting for the refund without succes).


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