Walkera Runner 250 FPV Racing Drone Review


Definitely not for beginners, this is one fast quadcopter with FPV and telemetry. A GPS model is coming soon. If you need a little excitement, consider this drone …


  1. Could you please do a setting up video for Walkera runner 250 pro. I tried to do bind the transmitter (Devo 7) to the drone and I was unable to do. I even took the drone to the shop even they couldn't. I would appreciate if you could do a video related to this product. binding is a pain in the ass even though they advertise as a ready to fly drone.

  2. Quadcopter101 hiya iv just got the devo 7 transmitter and set it up with my receiver but i cant workout how to setup my switches for flight modes & failsafe can you give me help on this please or anyone that knows there way around the devo 7 tx

  3. +Quadcopter 101 Hello Quadcopter 101 I was wondering if you could direct me to buying a low cost fpv racing drone. If there is one on GearBest that would be fantastic. I love your videos. Thanks for the help.

  4. just remember if you want your quadcopter to stay still and hover set your trim till it doesbut keep it facing up wind when you want to hover if you have a mini drone and its a little breezy set your trim forward all the way and fly it like a plain if you have a racer quadcopter trim it more forward so it will go faster if you notice when they race they start on the ground and not Wyle hovering. trim forward faster going forward less back pull a tip to help getting speed and real fun.

  5. walkera runner might be ok if you already know how to fly as this fella does mention in the video if you dont be prepared to spend a lot of money on repairs and down time waiting for parts
    every crash ive had have cost a arm a motor or well the cheapest was props the most expensive Whole power distribution board witch is a integrated part of the frame structure

  6. i bought a walkera 250 advance gps as my first drone. i am a heavy gammer so i have no problem flying this in manual, i agree though. not for everyone. parts arnt the cheapest either 🙂 great video man!! love your channel

  7. Nice video, but an advice for next time – if you name a video "racing drone", try to show some fast flying, because this is what we want to see when searching for racing drone on youtube. I fly my 4KG inspire clone much faster than this 🙂

  8. hey bud how are you doing? I want to ask you a question? I have the walkera devo 7e and I'm thinking about buying the walkera 250 runner BNF version. Out of the box will the 250 runner bind with my devo 7e? or do I have to do anything extra? Thank you.

  9. Hey bud how are you doing? I wanted to ask you a question? I have the walkera devo 7e and if i bought the walkera runner 250 bnf version will it bind right outta the box? Or do i have to buy another receiver? Thank you very much.

  10. How would you compare this to the Eachine Falcon?

    I need help deciding between the two.

    I already own a Eachine Racer FVP Kit.

    Also, considering buying the Eachine 1080p FPV goggles. I know they work with the Falcon, but I'd need to know if they work on the Walkera as well. It would be cool to make use of the telemetry.

    Thank you!

  11. So now that I have built up experience with flying quad copters (sky viper s670 on mode 3 and their mirco drone of the expert mode, I even dodged a bird that was going to hit my drone! I feel confident with stepping up to fpv racing, so is this a good drone for me? I do know It is not for beginners (in droneing) it is for intermediates wanting to enter fpv racing. So is this the drone for me?

  12. Hello quadcopter101 I recently received the walkera runner 250 but I've been Seeing videos of people having the flip of death and I was wondering how can I prevent that from happening?


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