WALKERA RODEO 150 FPV Race Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight/CRASH Test, Pros & Cons]


Part 2 of my multi part review for the Rodeo 150 which you can find here: FPV Gogges: Use coupon code JRED5 when …


  1. I got my Rodeo 150 only to find that it DOES NOT HAVE TRANSMITTER FAILESAFE! I could not find a fix on Youtube . I wasted $ 200.00 on a quad I can not safely fly. I did discover that this is an on-going problem with Walkera products.

  2. Dustin – do you know that there are some really cheap microphones or mic add ons that will markedly reduce wind noise. For this video it really distracts the audience from your great content.

  3. Hello ive just got one of these I'm having trouble with the throttle being to sensitive on the controller? can i change this on the devo or by plugging drone into computer? So acceleration a bit slower

  4. Can anyone recommend a similar drone within the same price range? I'm looking into entering the racing drone group, and I can't find any others like this one for the same deal

  5. Hi! I'd like to know whether I should buy the Eachine Falcon 210 Pro or the Rodeo 150 for my first racing quad. I really like the Rodeo 150 but I'm afraid of crashing it because it has plastic arms. I also choose the Falcon because it's durable and cheaper, but I heard it's sluggish and I want a fast Quad. Thanks

  6. Hey guys love my Walkera 150 so far but having a little trouble with getting the fpv setup. I am receiving video signal when goggles are powered up and signal is clear but only when quad is stationary. When any load is put on the quad ie signal beeps/arming, or powering up the motors the signal cuts out.. sometimes comes back online but not enough to fly properly with it. Has anybody had a similiar problem love to fly fpv with it. Thanks love to get some insight on this issue.

  7. I've never done FPV. I've only used my GoPro on my planes. It's seems like the video quality is pretty poor from the on board camera. I don't mean that as a insult it just seems almost useable. Is this the highest quality?

  8. I haven't looked at Walkera quads for several years because all I ever heard were horror stories regarding their products. Have they gotten better ? Anyone ??


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