WALKERA F210 FPV Race Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight Test]


Here’s part two of my full review for the F210 which you can find here: Parts: Use coupon code JRF21 to save $40! Fatshark Dominator…


  1. Hey I have 600 to spend on a racing drone and have a couple none more then 200 so I haven't had many but would you recommend this drone or do you have a better recommendation for the price.

  2. Hey Dustin great video. Dud you have any problems with the fatsharks connecting to the F210. I was thinking about getting the Attitude and had one hobby shop tell me the fatsharks won't work with the Walkeras because their receiver is proprietary I see lots of peeps using them here on YouTube including yours. Thx..

  3. Dustin on my f210 I'm just no trying flips. I did a front flip pretty good, and did a side flip crashed and burned. My question is holding the pitch up to long that makes it want to just keep flipping. Or just hit throttle up then hit pitch I tried to see how u done it in your video but u can't see ur remote when u done it. Could u help a brother out please sir, thanks p.s. Good video

  4. Hello Dustin, great video!!! I'm getting one today, do they work with any fat shark goggles? this is going to be my first racing drone and I have no idea how the FPV work. Can you please help me out a bit? thanks man keep up the good work

  5. Hi Dustin, did you have any problems with the FPV signal in your Fatsharks as I get to about 20 metres out then everything goes to snowstorm. Not really sure what the problem is, any ideas please?

  6. Hey guys, I was out with the F210 3D today and noted that in stabilised 2D mode, I can't quite get enough forward pitch which causes the quad to ascend altitude as well as moving forward. Can I easily program to give me more forward tilt when in stabilized mode?

  7. Between this Alkera 210 and the Eachine Racer 250 for a guy who knows how to fly videogame helicopters but is s beginner with real flight and want to fly out of the box without needing extra stuff other than spare batteries?

  8. whats with the static? is that because of the camera or the transmition of signal? can it be improved? the reason i ask is because i just purchased this drone and just wanna know how to fix it if the problem occurs with me

  9. Hello
    may i ask you what would be the best for me,(fpv)
    I wear glasses and have no experience with FVP flying,
    Now I'm afraid to buy this fpv becouse this is maybe not I succes for me,ps the F210 walkera I have, already,


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