Visuo XS816 Visual Optical Flow Drone (GearBest)


Visuo XS816 Visual Optical Flow Drone Review (courtesy of Flight video & footage at the end. Use coupon: TIANQUXS816 (limit 10) Visuo …


  1. very nice drone, i've lost my visuo battle shark, i still have the battery and i don't use them. anyone need battery and transmitter for this drone can contact me in my youtube channel, and it's free. thanks. best wishes for all of you 🙂

  2. Greetings from Greece. Great review. I have one question the videos and pictures are stored on the phone? Because i think there is no sd card slot on this drone. And one more question: You think this drone is as good as xs809s with some updates?

  3. Good review. Well done. BUT! You need to let a quad like this hover in place at different heights to show how well the optical flow works. Also a simple range test that shows whether or not it flies at least 100m would be nice.

  4. I love these game pad style controllers. Very comfortable in the hand! Great review as always! Looks like you live down south, what with all the palm trees. Here in Wisconsin, its 35 below 0! Have fun!


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