Visuo XS812 (XS-812W) GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This GPS camera drone include follow me, circle position, waypoints, and automatic return to home and landing. Find it here Pros …


  1. Enjoying very much all your videos!!! Am about to purchase soon a quad copter soon and am looking at options under $100. So far this one seems to be kind of Ok. Problem so far on all these is battery life. 8 min flight really is very tight and noticed how the battery was being sucked dry fast even on such high mah (1800) included. Since you've tested so many of these quad-copters with GPS, which one would you recommend to me that has good flight time please? I would be doing too much video recordings though, but still would be nice feature to have incase I do simple videos… Thanks in advanced.

  2. propeller are clearly visible in the both upper corner of the drone video , when camera is in horizontal position . how to avoid it , or it is unavoidable in that camera position ?

  3. So this quad can not utilize the gps capability for a stable altitude hold, precise waypoints , orbiting, follow me and especially RTH features if you are flying this drone in a place with one or two gps satellites signals? What is the minimum number of gps satellite does it need to maintain a good use of these features mentioned?

  4. i really like the way you present your review..keep it up!.., its a disappointment that it can not use a wifi 5G repeater to extend the range of the quad since the gps app has no virtual controls, But maybe the antenna mod on the transmitter and on the quad can extend considerable range on the disappointing 100 m range of the transmitter..

  5. It could have been a superb upgrade, but the flight time was disappointing at around 8mins without all the high speed flying and 360 flips compared to the battle sharks version which could do about 15 to 18 mins with high speed flying and flips. Could the upgraded features like GPS and 5G wifi affected the battery consumption? By the way, does this quad have 360 flips and rolls? Also the flight range is just the same with the older versions, at around 100m, the 200m capability of wifi ohone app does not improve the range since the wifi capability depends on the transmitter range since i think this has no virtual sticks on the gps app. But aside from the follow me, waypoints, precise one key return home, fail safe rth and orbit features, I also noticed that visuo improved the design in placing a ventilated cover below each propellers. This would really help minimize the frequent damage of the moving parts but a direct motor to propeller connection would really be an upgrade.avoiding all the moving parts like gears, shafting and bearings.


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