Visuo XS809W Folding FPV 720p HD Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This cheap portable folding FPV drone records relatively good 720p HD video. Throw it in your backpack and take it hiking. Find the 720p HD version WITH …


  1. How do you arm it? Mine seems not to even set up the connection with joystick anyhow. Did everything as manual told me to, but nothing happend after tilting up, down the height stick, no auto-take off, and no engines running, trying to tilt downwards-inwards both sticks didn't help either.

  2. Hi thare, i bought one of these 720p, at the link it says that he has altitude hold, but i'm confuse, couse my model isn't X809HW, just x809W… I'm waiting it tô arrive, but i would like tô know it…
    Thank u so much!

  3. Wonder if it would be possible to replace motors with brushless + ESC, with an APM main board for GPS. A new controller with receiver. could make a very tidy little folding drone with upgrades

  4. Hey there,
    Thx for the video. I got the same quadcop but like you the "TAKE OFF" and "LANDING" buttons the controller don't work. Did you find any ways to make them work?

  5. Your the best I like your drone YouTube I am ordering thing visuo XS809hw from wish and this video makes me feel like the drone is like a DJs or something I subscribed to your channel can you subscribe to mine


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