VISUO XS809S In-Depth Review – 20 Min Flight Toy Drone?




  1. Great Honest review. Thanks so much. I was gonna buy one . But you saved me. I'll just double the $ and get something more suitable to my needs. But I do hear some one can mod the antenna and use a repeater and the XS809S will go as far as a Bugs 2.

  2. I had a bit of a scroll through the comments and I keep seeing bad range and that the company making improvements in parts of the drone that were fine to begin with. I mean, what did we expect from a 2 digit toy drone? But then I saw lemon antennas, I didn't know they were prone to inconsistency :/

  3. Hey nice video I’m thinking of getting one some come with 3 batteries and can you have music playback when you make a film of the footage is it included in the app and what is the app like too btw thanks .clive in Nottingham.

  4. This is the first video where distance has been an issue. All other demonstrate the usual distance for this class of drones. I ordered one and a wifi booster to test it out as per videos I have seen.

  5. Hi. I bought this drone. Your visuo is great. But my one is defective. After 5 minuets in the air it was automatically stopped. I don’t know about that. It is still automatically crashing after 5 minuets. Can you help me?

  6. Hi danny i wanted to know the visuo drone which you reviewed is fake or original as i have seen many more reviews and there they flied it more rangy then you why only you felt the problem or banggood is supplying fake product please reply in need please

  7. Great review! I like the look of this quadcopter and was hoping it would be more of a step up from the original visuo xs809hw. The design and battery are a nice step up, the first one had around 9.5 mins flight time. Not overly impressed with the range on this, I think the spec mentions around 80-100m? which is a little nore than the first one, mine has around 75m range, the fpv only about 50m. I'm getting well over 300m range with my hubsan h502c and it has gps (similar priced quadcopter)

  8. If you use an extender (it's about ten euros) you can have a secure connection with a dron at least 600 meters to 2 Km. I have changed the antennas on it for video and for management, and so the connection is much stronger. I'll make for 4 days video on the upgrade of this drone so I'll add you here to see how. I wish you a pleasant day :)~

  9. The old one had better range than that but maybe in this case you just got a lemon. Tricky move on their part making the battery 3.8v but I bet a normal 3.7v would work with it. It would be great to see this emphasis on flight time move into the brushless acro segment. It's been one 2-4 minute battery burner after another for long enough.

  10. Distance – or rather, lack of! It more or less makes the larger battery useless, Who seriously wants to fly 18 minutes within a range of about 20 meter? Or if you do, you might as well swap batteries. I own the 8807, the main competitor to the orginal visuo, which, unlike the visuo uses a standard battery, 900mA like in the original Visuo. I made/cut the battery compartment in that a bit lasrger and now I´ll buy a 2000mA one for it. I´m sure I will want to tune the range of it then 😉


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