Visuo XS809HW Altitude Hold Folding FPV 720p HD Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This cheap folding FPV drone records relatively good 720p HD video. Throw it in your backpack and take it hiking. Buy it here Spare batteries here


  1. I have one of these on the way so appreciate the video. Still honing my skills before investing in the mavic pro. This would be a good stepping stone from my first quad which is basically a pocket quad. I notice the landing button is more like a "kill engines" button. Even my pocket quad lands smoother than that. Manual land went much smoother!

  2. For anybody looking to buy this, please stay away from tomtop as their customer service is horrible. I ordered this drone for myself, and had a second one shipped to my nephew overseas as a gift as he is interested in drone flying. On the first day of use, one of the 4 screws for the arms popped (under normal use), so I contacted tomtop regarding their warranty. It takes about 4 days to hear back from them any time they do choose to reply. And they are telling me to take it to a local shop to repair and they will refund the costs, while they have the exact parts on their website for a few dollars. They could replace the unit, as they claim in their 1 year warranty, or they can sent the part, but instead they keep insisting on taking it to a local repair shop. Their replies are also not customer-friendly, just a terrible company overall. Steer clear if you can.

  3. wow, I just ordered this thing…too bad,  the camera needs much to be desired. The ENCHINE E58 has much better quality video. I like the look of the ENCHINE more too but found there're more part options and availability for this one.

  4. Can I get your opinion on the visuo XS809HW vs the Xiangyu Falcon? I'm looking for a cheap foldable drone that I can throw in my backpack that still has decent range and ok camera. Thanks for the help

  5. Your past sales link to the item was by Tomtop, and the latest one had banggood. Any company better to work with? It sounded like Tomtop initially had a version with more features compared to the knock-offs sold on Amazon and such. Just curious how they compare. Looking at getting on for my nephew overseas, and tomtop has a Germany warehouse where I could direct ship to their house. And may pick one up for myself as well, as the initial Syma we bought is a lot harder to control, and is pretty light and impacted by win significantly.

  6. Buying this in the UK is a minefield. Sellers in Europe advertise every model with all features it seems.

    I can't find one with altitude hold, auto take off and SD card recording.

  7. Hey I had a question. I’ve learned a lot about this within the few days I’ve had it. I understand how to trim and re calibrate the drone. It’s the altitude hold version. However mine doesn’t do a flip. I only click the button but it does nothing, it beeps a few times. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Hello quadcopter 101. I decided to buy this quadcoptero due to this evaluation.
    After some flights, I can say that the altitude hold works very well, so well that some times it doesn't want to lower of altitude…lol…but there it ends for going down.
    It is pretty neat also to control the apparel through the phone, namely, the inclination of the phone. The effect of alone jelly appears when it fly at maximum speed, in calm filmings it doesn't appear. And the videos that it records in the card SD are divided in files of 2 minutes, consecutive. And it App allows to do the download of the videos to the phonel , there is no need to remove the card of the drone.
    I really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work.

  9. If anyone is in helpful mode our maiden flight was a disaster. Although we read every word of the complicated manual and thought we knew what we were doing the drone took off at ninety an hour and flew over a fence on a property that we have not been able to gain access to despite several attempts. The issue was it took off and the controller did nothing. There was also no video for us to figure out where it landed. Yes, we should have got the video working before our test flight. My question is if there is any chance that there is still any life in the battery is there any way to get the video working so we can figure out where it landed? Appreciate any help.

  10. This is a great beginner drone . I have had mine for a month and discover new stuff NOT to do each time I am out . Do NOT try the return to home button it simply sends the copter off to a life of its own hahaha. Also due to its light weight the wind is your enemy . I feel comfortable flying this within a range of 100-150 feet ( 30 -50 metres ) away . Find a big field have fun . This is a great trainer at a good price cant wait to experience a GPS hold copter with a bigger range. Thumbs up from a first timer


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