Video Editing for Beginners (Using Windows PC!)


Complete video editing tutorial for non-editors on WINDOWS PC! Learn video editing for beginners and a ton of video editing tips to save time. (Check below for …


  1. Jason, I have some questions but if you've got vids I missed that cover these topics, links would be great. 1) What is your lighting setup? 2) If your background is a green screen, which one did you use? and lastly, 3) Your camera type and microphone. I guess you can tell I want to duplicate the mechanics of your stellar presentation 🙂 Thank you in advance for your reply and for producing yet another professional, easy-to-understand teaching video. ~~Carol~~

  2. Thanks for the great help and another excellent tutorial. The tip that I use the most, I learned from you! Always edit from right to left. Make the last clip as good as you can and work your way to the beginning of the video!

  3. Hi Justin, great vid, I'm using Camtasia 9 at the moment to get myself up and running (surprisingly decent software tbh) but am looking at taking a step up and was wondering about Hit Film, do you have any thoughts on this as an editor ?


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