Venom Pro GPS Drone


Venom Pro has all the features of the super expensive drones at a fraction of the cost. Its included GPS gives you the ability to do auto take off, auto landing, fail …


  1. I own this drone (Plan to use it in my videos) and I really enjoy it! People say its bad but it is actually not, you just have to know what you are doing and READ the manual. It's beside it ehh ok camera quality and terrible battery life (like 5 minutes for me, and it go auto home like when the battery is at 40%), it's a neat thing but there are better drones out there for the same price.

  2. Used once and flew great, however the next time it wouldn't liftoff. Now one of the motors won't turn. Seems like it is froze up. I don't think it is worth the money it costs for just one flight.

  3. Tried to get help, talked to a person in technical. They told me to contact, I did could only order over the phone, so i use the chat option, got the same person when i called World Tech. She gave me another web sight to contact, refurbished no information there. So i will stop now and say "sad day for hobbies't".


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