USA Drone Rules (2018)


UPDATE: As of Jan. 2018 Registration is once again required. What do I do when I get a drone? Do I need to register my drone?Here I try to explain some of the USA Drone Rules. Here are…


  1. Great informative video! I'll be under the "hobbits" group. So just to be clear. All I would need to do is register my UAS with a fee of $5 correct? Also I hate how we can only fly in our view of sight! We have the FPV view for a reason :C unless that means I can fly my drone far out as long as I see it as a little black circle haha! good video. Will be sure to watch a second time when I get my Mavic pro or air.

  2. Hello, Im british and will by visiting the USA in the coming months. I am a UK commercial pilot and would like to fly in the states. L.A particularly. Can any one let me know if this is possible? if so what paperwork is required. It will be Commercial and it will be with a Mavic Pro. Thank you folks

  3. Unless something had changed, I believe you are not required to get AUTHORIZATION from the ATC if you are flying within 5 miles of the airport IF you are flying as a hobbyist. You are simply required to ”NOTIFY” The ATC. (Air traffic control tower) However on the flip side, if you are flying under part 107, then you are required to get authorization from ATC.

  4. I'm a little confused about small drones, such as those weighing less than 250 grams. I can't seem to find much information specifically mentioning drones of that size, so I'm not sure if I'm violating any laws flying in my back yard with my son for fun. It's so confusing. Any thoughts?

  5. Multi-Rotter Besides the FAA considers every thing that flys by Radio Control Under 55 lbs and over .55 lbs a "DRONE' to the dismay of every AMA member flying under the rules of a CBO Community Based Organiaton.

  6. Shows how awful the FAA is. A lot of their rules make sense, but this Part 107 crap – like where if you're a farmer you cant use your own drone to check things on your property – is stupid. Also, if someone requests photos and you do it for free and for fun – why does that matter? The FAA probably just wants money, but that's serious government overreach if you ask me. I'd love to see new legislation that shuts down most of their BS.

  7. Lol I simply decided to go an get my registration with FAA to fly simply recreational , I have my account and my registration number now lol I don't even fly DRONES , lol but now I may get me one . All of this talk about DRONES and how it has come all the way to conduct how model aircraft Flyers are to conduct , I understand simply because it's ALL unmanned aircraft , BUT "model aircraft hobbyist" has never had anything to do with Drones . We're a bunch of old guys setting around at fly park's flying model airplanes not deviating from the rules , but now that FAA has stated to fly as a hobbyist and recreational we need to register … I did that . Now I believe to say that I am dropping out of AMA because I now can continue to fly as a hobbyist recreational just having my FAA registration .

  8. Thank you for this very helpful information. I have been a member of the AMA for 5 years. Drone rules require your flying behavior to be as the AMA states in its safe flying criteria. Due to health I plan on flying my newly acquired drone as a hobbyist only under FAA guidelines. The main difference that I can see is that as a member of the AMA and a member of a local fixed wing flying club you are covered under AMA million dollar accident policies. Hopes this helps, safe flying!

  9. Mr.Jay Malone thank you for this update , I respect and thank you helping with the mixed understanding of the action in all this drone misunderstanding myself and others been getting from people that don't speak clearly of it . But let me get to the point.
    I'm not even a drone flyer , but I am a AMA membership . I do fly ONLY recreational at local flight Park an yes I'm always within following respectfully all posted roads , But my question is I'm seeing that your also saying that I'm also required to also register with FAA ? I fly foam fixed wingtyp airplanes … My my gripe isn't even with the FAA … My problem lies with the AMA head console I believe has been behind the seem backstabbing use all along encouraging the government to disrupt this hobby … AMA officials DID NOT RESPECTFULLY DEFINED the fact that "We" there are members that this Law should not apply to , and that's the problem is DRONES !!! keep it simple an keep it directly directed with DRONES !!! and go on with there case rulings to annihilate the problem .
    Now here's another question IF I dropped from AMA and simply just got my FAA I continue to only fly as only recreational I should have absolutely no problem than right ? (Meaning) I don't need AMA to simply fly at a fly park or any other park that allows you to fly there ? PLEASE RESPOND . Because I'm sure you can tell that I'm very discouraged and disappointed with AMA . And to think I pay them $70 A year to simply only be able legally to fly recreational at a fly Park without being hassled . But if I ONLY NEED TO REGISTER WITH FAA THAN TO **LL WITH AMA . But please respond .

  10. Excellent and up-to-date. One question. Does VLOS mean you can clearly see your A/C and have a good sense of exactly how close it is to surrounding obstacles … or does it mean you can see the airspace in which your A/C is flying including any potential manned aircraft. It seems many UAS pilots use the second interpretation once they fly beyond about 1000 feet.

  11. Thanks for the vid, it's very informative. The only thing that it didn't clear up, is that when you register with the FAA, you are really not registering your drones. You are basically registering yourself and assigned a registration number which you can put on multiple drones.

    One thing I would also like to add to those who are new to registering, is to beware that there are many bogus registration sites masquerading as the official FAA registration site. Make sure you are on the official site.

  12. about giving the airport notice, you also have to call the air traffic control tower too. and any heliports within 5 miles. this includes hospitals. thats what the FAA told me when I called.

  13. I have a question regarding commercial and hobbyist. I'm getting the DJI Phantom 3 SE, I'm planning on mainly flying it for fun, but I'm also a photographer with hopes of selling my prints and I want to eventually include the shots I hope to take with my drone, I've been trying to figure out where this particular case falls under the regulations, but I haven't been able to figure it out. What do you suggest? Also thank you so much for your great video, I've seen tons of other similar tutorials, but yours was by far the easiest to follow and the most informative, especially breaking down some of the regulations. I especially appreciate the APP suggestion. Thank you!!

  14. UPDATE. I believe It is no longer required to register your drown with Big Brother if you fly it under part 101 recreational rules. This video was not made in 2018. But check your laws frequently.


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