US Army F15 Eagle Drone Flight Test Review


This drone and controller is decorated in US army motif. It’s a great beginner’s learn to fly quadcopter. Soon to be available here and WiFi version here


  1. It's been over the year since the 3DR SOLO hit the market in the post 3DR days. I purchased a refurb for under $230 and even the retail New you can find are practical. The Gimbals are $40 for the Gopro 3+ or Hero 4. Not a bad deal for a $1800 quad. Add to this, 3DR steal warranties these and they even answer tech support. Aftermarket is great and User groups are great…. I even purchased new props from Master Airscrew. I recommend the ver.2 GPS ($40) but the old ver1 works well for me. So far, 2200 ft with stock antennas, I keep my alt. set to 400'. Auto return if it looses signal.
    Really think this is a great first quadcopter. There is a simulator app, easy to fly, auto return plus it has profession capabilities…. not just a toy for under $250.
    It would be really great to see you give one of these a try and a review!

  2. Quadcopter, if you are running that thing in the desert YOU BETTER have a look at the gearboxes, they're greased! I just tore down the entire copter. Since greasing gearboxes is taboo because it attracts dirt into the boxes, you have to wonder why they would do that. After 12 flights, I had to take a toothbrush and clean out a lot of stuff stuck in there. Couple of things I don't like in addition to that. I'm not crazy about the design with no motor mounts and It's kind of a PITA to put back together, a lot of snaps and such. A lot harder to line up than the X5C-1. I like the features, but so far it's no X5C-1 when it comes to flying in higher winds either (I'm talking 10 mph and higher) in the third mode it struggled going against some higher winds. I've never had that degree of problem with the X5C-1. Component wise, the only thing X5C-1 seems to be the props and maybe the gear shaft. The motors are the larger Syma X5SC/X5HC variety. And the Syma X5C-1 camera worked on it just fine (I'm just working out the jello problem).

  3. Just received mine. It's a little different than flying the X5C-1, seemed to be bothered by wind a little more but it's a decent flier.
    The props seem a little flimsier than on the Syma but were easily swapped out for spare X5C-1 props with orientation colors. The props are a little noisier when finger spinning than what you would get on a new Syma out of the box (third party parts I suppose).
    >>Already Disassembled the transmitter<< Looks like the range is boosted by what looks like a 3db aerial antenna instead of the typical syma piece of wire. It's also hot glued where it was soldered on the board. I'd say the guys in New York who ordered these up were monitoring the various Syma transmitter mods. Way too windy today to fly this at any range. It's a cool looking quad.

  4. Looks like President Trump's push to increase the military budget is paying off. In case you don't know the plug underneath is not for a camera. It's for various ordnance/weapons which will be available once the budget is approved.

  5. lol F-15 EAGLE IS a fighter jet thats tight doe 4a drone GO ARMY wish they make something 4 the U.S. NAVY AND MAKE em more stealthy n beefy Thumbs up to the U.S. MILITARY

  6. Wow, really impressive after all the syma clones you have reviewed. Battery time, flight characteristics and responsiveness all look great (and offset the "Army F15" look) I think I heard a real F15 or maybe F16 in your Background noise. Too bad it is not available in Japan since it is through Amazon US but I should be able to source it from here. Adding that FPV camera would make for an even more interesting video (you hinted at it and I know you wanna try it 🙂 ).
    Looking forward to your next review and thanks as always.

  7. Nice..what camera do you use to record your reviews? Its so clear and audio so good. also wanted to ask you you mentioned the Mobius mini camera to attach to drones which lens do you like best I believe it comes in a 110 or 130

  8. Wow lol  it looks like a syma x5sw wifi doesn't it. Can see the bold leter A and B  its like when a kid is learning about his or her shoes what foot it belongs on with a large letter A or B on them lol   And also its make in china lol  Its a very flat no shine drone isn't it. Also like you spray painted it yourself .


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