Underwater Drone PowerVision PowerRay 4K ROV Review – Part 1 – [Unboxing & Setup In-Depth]


Enjoy this in-depth first look at new 2018 Underwater Drone ROV Powervision Powerray 4K ROV Submarine. Get it here Part 1 with …


  1. Hi everyone! Enjoy this in-depth first look at the Powervision Powerray Underwater drone. Get it here https://goo.gl/XtJvXZ
    From what I've seen and reviewed on the market so far, this is the the best quality and finish. If there was a sub closest to DJI quality… this is it. Let's see how it performs in the pool and ocean tests here in Hawaii coming up. Please subscribe so you don't miss them 🙂
    – Dustin

  2. This was the first review of yours I’ve watched and you did a FANTASTIC Tutorial!! You’re definitely worth following!!
    I must have one! Wonder how it does in fresh water lakes? Lakes tend to have very dark bottoms compared to ocean.
    Curious how well you will be about to see.
    This really would only work in bodies of water and not a river I’d beat. Love to run it in the river when the salmon run!

  3. Hey Dustin, I'm looking at getting one of these subs and iv watched your videos. I cant decide between the Gladious or this power ray, each has its own pros and cons I was just wondering what you opinion would be? Which is your favorite the Gladious or power ray?

  4. how did you go from that screen with the ocean stock image to live view? I cant figure out how to go to live view, i can take pictures and see them in the gallery but I still have that ocean background photo instead of camera live view

  5. Arnt you concerned about the high radiation levels in the water around your islands? ?? Japan is pouring more than 500 tins a day of contaminated water from fukishima. ..on the map the radiation is travelling straight to Hawaii. I wouldn't be going anywhere near the water.

  6. Great review as always. I’m glad that you are reviewing a PowerVision product because I have been extremely intrigued with their work for some time now but have held out on purchasing anything until I saw your opinion and testing. On a side note, do you have any plans on reviewing their PowerEgg drone in the near future? Thanks again for the awesome and thorough reviews.

  7. I'm so glad that you've finally go a hold of one! I'm deployed right now and have been watching your videos. Watching the Gladius made me want to purchase a underwater ROV. Thank you for your videos!


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