Long range fpv racing drone the Skol v2 from flyno shop. Has some cool features like swappable arms of different sizes, unique go pro mount, skins and should …


  1. Ehy Stew! If you are still looking for some really good 7 inch props, you should definetly try the gemfan flash 7042. They are 2 blade props but they perform amazingly! And they are incredibly durable too!

  2. So this LR rig has 5.8 video and 2.4 control and only flies 11 minutes on 3Ah of 5S. Why do you have such bad vibrations? This is not a proper LR setup and was poorly built.

  3. I've just ordered it on the strength of what you've said,gone for 8 inch, green you and skull's decals, even used your code and got a hat!. There was no mention on the website of soft mount motor mounts being included,will have to wait and see!.
    Haven't ordered any props yet,will use the 7inch that I have for now because I think 7inch is the ideal for 4cell.8inch for 5cell,and I only have 4cell 1800 at the moment.Cheers for the heads up on this endurance quad,Much better than my 7inch shredder that I have at present.

  4. I can't help but notice the number of times you said "all that sort of jazz". Is it an astralian expression ? (I'm not a native English speaker, and never heard it before I subbed to your channel)

  5. Great review Stew, I really like the look and construction of that quad, and have been really thinking about a larger build, but unfortunately I don't have the long range electronics to go with it. But still would be cool to fly around.

  6. the FC 8045×3 props fly well when balanced, but are brittle, alternatives are, master airscrew/generic/gemfan/apc 8050/8060 props but as with the FC's will need balancing. there are carbon props out there too at this size that work well although can be a little expensive.


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