Ultimate Industrial Drone Packages – DJI Matrice 600 & M100, Zenmuse Z3, XTR Thermal Camera



  1. You can build a rideable drone with 6 large motors and props for half the price. For the full price of this package you can take your design to professionals and pay them to do most of the assembly.

  2. thanks for the video…Im new to serious drone flying…I had a bad experience with a couple GoPro Karmas and Im learning very quickly. .Im now on a Phantom 4 and thinking about an Inspire2….but this M series has my attention. as with many im sure a drone business may be the way Im going…I want the best reliable equipment to deliver for a client.

  3. Pretty easy to spend what 20 plus K or more? LOL yea right. HINT build up a platform from scratch with good parts it will save you a SLoad don't buy a package unless you have money to burn because thats all you are doing is wasting money on these "packages"

  4. NIce video! DJI Matrice M600 Pro is an outstanding drone. Wish I had one. It's and oustanding platform for so many pro level uses. Speaking of pro work. I found a good mobile app call UAS107. Want to share with anyone interested in the FAA UAS prep exam. I used the app 70% of the time when studying for my exam (30% were Youtube videos). I passed with an 85% on my 1st try. Below is the link for anyone interested: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uas107.openrobotix.labs

  5. I definitely see the potential for the capability and service these drones provide but how do you start a business where you offer your services to a cell company or a power company? Surely they have their own in-house people to do this. How do you go from being skilled in flying a Phantom through trial and error to being qualified to stick a $10,000 drone next to an insanely expensive piece of somebody else's equipment 100 feet in the air? Are there companies that train you to do this?


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