Ultimate Drone Landscape Photography Tutorial


This is a really in-depth tutorial looking at how to shoot stunning landscape photographs using your drone. This tutorial is split into three sections: Preparing for your shoot: 0:00 Location…


  1. Nice tutorial. This is exactly what I've been doing since getting my hands on the mavic pro. I'm used to shooting with a Canon 5D3 so the two obvious drawbacks with the Mavic were 1, poor dynamic range and 2, only 12 mega pixels. So then you simply use the HDR Pano technique in Lightroom (drone in Portrait mode) and you have yourself a great raw file to work with. I ended up with a 35MP shot with loads of detail in the darks and lights. This format is my go to for pretty much every image I take with the drone. Even if it doesn't need a pano I would still play it safe by switching to portrait mode and stitching at least 3 images together. You can always crop later but by stitching 2 or 3 portrait shots rather than using one landscape you are doubling your pixel count. Again I would almost always bracket 5 shots every time too. On the Mavic it will auto bracket 5 shots but each one is only +- 0.7 ef so if it's very bright and that's not going to be enough I bracket it manually.

  2. Great Video John thank you,
    Quick question if you don't mind.
    What editor are you using to combine your shots with the different exposures?
    Thanks will be following your tube channel it's very helpful.
    Cheers Mick

  3. Hey, amazing tutorial ! Thumbs up ! I have seen it a couple of time and i'am asking each times why do you use auto-tone in the hdr process ?
    I mean, why do you don't do it yourself as a photographer ?
    Maybe, i didn't get what auto-tone really do ^^

    Great job again, you are like a teacher to me 🙂

  4. I'm actually curious why you choose to shoot into the sun, my thought was to fly out over the ocean and shoot back towards the shoreline with the sun coming in from the left show great color and shadows with the low sun angle and golden light. Just curious.

  5. Hi Jonathan. Excellent tutorial my friend and looking forward to exploring other films on your channel. I am just getting into Drones myself and would like to use them for still and video landscape work. Do you have a licence for your drone for such use. I was wanting to sell my images at some point but notice the commercial licence is quite a hefty price. Keep up the good work. Julian

  6. It's in watching people like you who gives some excellent ideas and tuto's make people like me become more creative and efficient.

    Thanks a lot!
    Cheers from Paris!

    ps: your welcome on my channel to see some nice view of France shoot with my dji inspire pro 🙂

  7. I've always had an interest in photography and technology and the drone for me is just a cool way to take pictures. I've had my Phantom 3 Advanced for about a week and already sussed out the hard way about planning. 1. Open areas with no trees…steep learning curve for me! 2. Plan a flight path. Just 2 options already I've learned, just wish I'd seen your video tutorial first. Thanks for the videos, its giving inspiration. I have done a video as a trial run, fairly happy as its my first attempt. Click on my name to view.


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