Ultimate DJI MAVIC PRO Drone Beginners Start up guide WATCH BEFORE YOU FLY!!


Could be the Ultimate DJI MAVIC PRO Drone Start up guide WATCH BEFORE YOU FLY. This COULD just save you trashing your brand new DJI MAVIC PRO …


  1. I like the way you bang on about safety man! It's rule number one where drones are concerned. I sold my Phantom 3 after only a couple of months after seeing a news report about a toddler being blinded in one eye by one, and watching one too many youtube videos of flyaways. Scared the crap out of me. I realize now though that they are very rare and usually down to user error. Also the Mavic is alot lighter and hopefully safer. So I decided to buy one, and it should be here tomorrow, yay!

    Great video btw. You covered alot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @Ikopta
    If I set as a max altitude 120 m but I take off from a mountain/hill/balcony… how can I know the actual altitude from the ground when I move forward and the drone is not anymore at the height it took off from??
    thank you

  3. hello can you help me, when I turn on the remote control of mavic tells me bat100 pct and just keep it down but I get just that. I do not know how to connect, how to run it

  4. Liked. I guess the PRO in the name is warranted and it is powerful. I want to add that it is not advisable to fly indoors, as the light levels might be too low for the sensors. Mine crashed in 1 or 2 seconds of its first flight and took a good bite on one of my fingernails when I tried to save and catch it before it hit something. It drifted backwardswhile taking off.

  5. really informative, but yea that background music can be a little distracting from all the information flying at the viewer, had to stop and rewind several times to try to catch what it was you were saying and understand the comment as everything is all new so things like say 'follow me mode' questions are, what is it? how does it work? how do i activate it? how once activated do i deselect it? and what are the pitfalls of having it activated/deactivated. and the same questions for every single one of the selections that are available so yes it's hard enough trying to concentrate on whats being said and understanding the important information that's being imparted without the background music to confuse the issues.
    Having said that i've saved your tutorial to my favs file on youtube as realistically it's probably been the most comprehensive tutorials I've seen and so packed with useful info that i'm going to be coming back time and again to review aspects of it

  6. Supply and distribution sucks! Chinese New Years delayed delivery even more! Don't ask about authorized distributors! Some say two months maybe. DJI Refresh is a MUST for non-professionals. Trees and front sensors don't mix. You will not need a tablet. You will crash eventually. Plan for it. Great demo of the compass dance!

  7. Hey Dylan (hope I got that bit right) too video, thanks you. Just got my Mavic yesterday. I fly remote aircraft both heli and fixed wing but am treating this beauty with such respect. Read the manual so many times having downloaded a PDF even before receiving it. Have had a play with the sim and some of the settings but this video has really helped make some of those settings clearer. I have subscribed and will be checking out your other uploads. Are you on Facebook?

  8. Great video. I had a chat with DJI support and was told that refresh is available after 48 hours after activation at the same cost. Has anyone done this or (baring an accident/crash) has someone been unable to sign up for refresh after the 48 hour window?

  9. Hi Dylan, thank you so much for making this video. As a complete novice I've had the Mavic for 48 hours (after waiting three months for it) and have only managed to take it out of the box and look at it. The marketing hype had me believe I could just charge it up and fly it… and the DJI tutorials are as good as useless as they assume way too much knowledge and don't cover the basics. So THANK YOU my good man, I feel much better about the fact that it's probably going to be at least a week and another 10 views of your video before I even switch this thing on, let alone send it to the sky.

  10. Why is everyone saying don't fly with the clear gymbil guard on as the instructions say it can be left on in flight to reduce dust and moisture entering? My second question is how did you get hold of one (tif in the UK) as they are on pre order only over here?? You lucky man

  11. Very good , basic hard talk of do,s and dont,s of what the drones are about , too many people think these are toys ,[any thing but ] you basically told us how to go about the basics of how set up learn the basics of flying it and the common sense of safety ,you also covered allot grey areas that other video tutorials don.t cover .

  12. Hey, two questions.ย  Does the refresh cover me if I crash it whilst on holidays abroad?ย  The guide says you are only covered by your region, does that mean I can only send it back in the UK (which is obviously fine) or does it mean I am only covered if the incident occurred in the UK?also, the battery guide says I should completely deplete the battery before airline travel, is that overkill or a wise move?really appreciated your previous replies and I can tell in the other comments that others do too…huge help to us "newbies" :)Ps Mavic finally arrived today after ordering from DJI direct on the 7th November (My little drone spent Christmas in Heathrow airport…aw), about to purchase refresh before taking it out to fly on friday

  13. Very informative, and well done.ย  I will place my orderย in mid-January.ย  I've subscribed to your channel, and will be watching your future ( and past) vids.ย ย Thankย you.ย  Richard,ย Oregon, USA

  14. watch out for your frontal folding arms because they are putting a bit of a couple of millimeters longer on the cables in one of the arms either left or right frontal arms you would end up with a cable that bends and kink to the point where it will disable the craft with an ESC error or worst it could possibly fall out of the sky if that cable fails in mid air https://youtu.be/x3v4Gn9kXTU


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