Ultimate DJI MAVIC 2 PRO Drone Beginners Start up guide WATCH BEFORE YOU FLY!!


Part 1: Just got the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone? New to drones? First “New” drone? Real world walk through of the initial set up, what to do, what not to do, …


  1. Another great video.Your video was very informative, never would've thought to look at the advanced settings the others do not have. never new about the light at the bottom of the drone for night flights, Thank you for that. Mine will be arriving tomorrow. Taking it to NY taking some videos. Applied for the waivers got 3 of them back. then out to Long Island Montauk Point just need to call the tower and get permission. Will be bringing my P4P, Mavic Air along with the Mavic 2Pro. Now I need to invest in ND Filters. Keep up the great vdeos my friend, will be adding so many on my channel as I VLOG my trip. I want to do neon photography with my Sony a6500 and Canon. Again, Dylan you put some really great videos on here, great teacher. Thanks again.

  2. Wow outside of some real concerns for big brother being connected to privacy this has some amazing tech in it and must say most of the complaints I had against DJI selling multi-rotors RC aircraft to non-pilots has been rectified with DJI producing smaller and far safer quads.

  3. I still haven't had my complimentary drone and fly more pack in the post (sure they're working on it) so stuck with my spark at the moment. Are you 100% truly happy with your purchase? I take your word as gospel!

  4. All I would add is to ensure, as shown briefly in the video but not stated, that the props are off when powering up the drone indoors to test things, update firmware etc. Great video Dylan. It appears the MP2 has quite a few more options than my 'old' original MP. I'm still resisting so you can't quote my earlier post (yet!)

  5. I didn't see the setting to change from internal to sd card. Also I could not enable multiple flight mode until I set the sport switch on. I hunted for that setting in p mode for all afternoon.

  6. Are you using a Apple device? Like a guy wrote below i dont have some of the functions either, I'm on an Android, it doesnt have the no charge function for the phone, i didnt see a critical low batterry setting above the low battery setting, i am gonna have to check to see what else i'm missing. this is kinda jacked up and yes i'm using the dji go4, 4.3.0

  7. B4UFly is junk. The data is greatly out of date as is the contact numbers. We live in an area with 5 major military bases and they are still showing heliports that have been gone for decades with contact numbers using an area code that is 20 years out of date! FAA at it's best.

    I use actual sectionals from the FAA's site and if you can't learn to read them then you probably shouldn't be flying outside of your backyard / house. Airmap is fairly good and a bit more accurate.

    BTW there is no altitude limit in the US for a hobbyist. I still don't have much use for greater than 400' but the urban legend of 400' is totally wrong. In fact there is an out for 107 flyers also but most of them don't know the laws either.

  8. #mail sorry to jump in on this excellent review Dylan but Iโ€™m just looking at the Freewell ND2-400 variable filter and before wasting my money on it I wanted your opinion on whether this is the way to avoid having multiple filters in one solution or whether itโ€™s better to keep individual ND filters. Also when should I be using a polarising filter over a normal ND Filter. I know you love this topic so hopefully this will be an easy one for you to answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You are a bloody Legeng Dylan! Great video for newbies and refresher for old drones here! when are you doing the complete review of the Mavic 2 Pro? and the video about the best settings for the camera? Please do not delay doing those! You are my CInematic God!! CHeers mate!!


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