UK Drone Bill 2018 – What you need to know in 3 minutes(ish)


UK Gov announced timetable for NEW UK Drone Laws. Here’s my 3 minute guide to whats coming our way. What’s your view? Let me know in the comments …


  1. I have been flying model helicopters and more recently ,quadcopters for close to 25 years. Always a member of the BMFA for insurance purposes. I have many models fpv and otherwise, all built from my own choice of parts by myself. I don't program geo fencing as a rule into my models, as I fly responsibly.( how are they going to enforce this on self built craft?) To me it seems all of this hysteria around 'drones' can be laid squarely on one company. DJI.. They allowed utter numptys with no flying skills at all to cause havoc in the air. Whenever I read of a so called near miss with a drone I know with a pretty high certainty that the culpit will be a DJI. I'm against compulsary registration ,but think a practical flying test ( both FPV and visual line of sight flying) is a very good idea. A lot of so called pilots cannot fly a model safely to the ground if video and GPS was lost.

  2. idiots want to just get more money from drone enthusiast {like the proper drones doesnt cost enough} and this stupid very expensive comercial permission… what a stupid pathetic morons rule this country…they just try to fill the gap in budget by harassing and charging decent people- I'm moving out of here!!!

  3. I understand the importance of the laws and agree to an extent. However without the manpower the police already don't have I fail to see how they will enforce such action, some drones go 4 miles from their operator, hard to catch an accomplice that far away. Unless they have their own drone to inter sept, God forbid. Fly safe

  4. FFS! I was interested in what you had to say at the outset but having highlighted how you were short in time you then went on to waste it. Like most others viewing I don't care about how you can contort that ugly face or mash your words, I was only interested in some facts.

  5. ok just played with my ph3 standerd at the beach …i got enhanced fly zone apple 4 min even now my garden and field are all the same ..check the box to say yes the white box not athing just a white box ..update dji add before flying .. thnak for the information .. Rich in wales

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  7. Absolutely the typically British governments knee-jerk reaction we are so used to. Proposed rules are a farce. It will just end up being another mini cash-cow for the Govt. been flying rc helicopters with various cameras for many years. Its only paranoia and hype that are fuelling this.

  8. The biggest problem with this type of legislation, as with so many laws covering other pursuits, is that the irresponsible flyers out there will fail to register. Only responsible flyers are going to be hit by the fees, and overall safety isn't going to be affected as the idiots will continue to be idiots. Also, how are they defining a drone? Any craft with 4 or more propellers? What about the aircraft guys flying multi bladed scale models? Are their aircraft now going to be defined as a drone? I don't think they've really thought this through based on what you have presented here.

  9. All these legislation's have been brought because of flying dick heads. I mean, who in the right mind flies anywhere near aviation (thick as fucking shit, but they don't give fuck a anyway). Who flies near power lines – erm dickheads. Who flies over other peoples houses – dickheads. Who flies over car dealerships – Dickheads. Who flies over towns/cities – Dickheads. DICKHEADS have ruined it for photographers, people with common sense, folk who just want a different view of a scene to be photographed or videoed, sometimes only that extra 20 or 50 feet just to make a difference to a shot, sometimes just to make a few quid taking a picture of someones big fancy house somewhere, you know – for a few pints every now and again. The same DICKHEADS who drive round with no insurance and tax and no MOT, the same DICKHEADS who fly tip, the same DICKHEADs who kick door mirrors off cars on there way home pissed and the same friendly DICKHEADS who are all lovey dovey when they are caught by the Police as if butter would not melt in there mouths. All ruined by mindless fucking moronic dickheads, spoiling the hobby for nice sensible folk like you and me.

  10. In other words, the 'new' drone laws will be the same as what model aircraft laws have always been. So what's wrong with your BMFA number and a BMFA 'B' certificate? If only the 'authorities' would do their homework it would save everybody a load of trouble.

  11. Let's clear the peasants out of the airspace so Google and Amazon can do their drone deliveries. I'd rather just take the penalties I know I won't get, because let's face it, police are too busy to attend burglaries, I can't see them doing stake outs in bushes on a sunday at 7am to catch me flying a toy in a deserted field… but the again, this is Britain.

  12. Love it informative videos, today I received my Mavic Air, looking forward to getting it in the air.
    Before I do, is there requirement NOW to register and complete the test that you mentioned.
    I want to completely conform with any rules and regs.
    Please let me know with links if they are available yet. Thanks.

  13. Just watching this video now.. I logged in to the NATS app again as you mentioned it, and I see they've just added new laws as of 30/7/18.

    Seems the 400ft rule is now terrain following rather than highest point! so no more flying off cliffs unless you go down haha. I rarely go above 70m anyway.. but its something to think about with some of my flying spots on hillsides/ valleys now…

    Links here though;

  14. The height restriction and airport geo fencing is common across the world now, including here in Australia. We don't have to register ours though but we can't fly within a 30 metre radius of people, which pretty much makes it you can't fly anywhere in a built up area.

  15. Hej Dylan, good work as usual and love your channel. Coming to London on Friday, just want to know if I would be able to fly my mavic while am there for 3wks?. Am aware of the regulations here in Sweden we have no flyzone within 5km of an airport and a km of a helipad. Flights below 120m above that you must take permission from ATC of the nearest airport.

  16. Let`s not have it like it is in the U.S., way too restrictive, at least here we can do what they arent doing over there, designated Drone Fly Zones in national parks and places of interest, beauty spots etc, if they keep it sensible, great, and it will be more respected if it shows a good level of flexibility, as long as we all observe the Real Don`t Do`s.


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