UDI U818A-1 Discovery – New HD Camera Version


UDI U818A-1 Discovery – New HD Camera Version Get it here on Amazon: Like this video? Check out these drone videos below or visit …


  1. Coming back to this video, as I'm still considering buying one. I really enjoy the details you comment about…what's even more entertaining is that you associate yourself AS the Drone, "When I'm Flying.." and such. I think that's very funny. So, it's not the Drone that flying it's YOU?? Playful giggle.

  2. Thanks for the video! I just took mine out for a flight. Wow, what a performer. Loads of fun. Very durable, I crashed mine on a paved street about 6 times, none the worse for wear. The manual isn't great, there is a "headless" mode, but I haven't figured out how to get there.

  3. I saw your Amazon review and I wanted to know if it possible modify the drone to fit three bladed props. I'm looking for speed and power. Where I live is near Santa Monica, CA and it quite breezy so this gets a little unstable at times. Yet I'm so talented I never crashed.

  4. My equipment looks identical to what you show except my charger works differently from what you said. When I plug in exhausted batteries to the charger, the charger lights up 2 red lights. As the batteries become charged the lights go off. I'm guessing the batteries used in your demo were charged. ?

  5. Just got one. This is my first quad copter. I have been practicing in the garage. Feeling confident enough to take it outside. If only the weather would cooperate.
    How far can it fly away form you? And what happens when it goes too far?
    Great video! Well done.

  6. Did yours come with the cell phone charging brick? I got that with all that you have there and I don't see on any videos anyone getting it with there UDI. Its a great bonus cuz when one dies I can start the charging while using the other battery.

  7. Great review. Given the substandard instructions provided with the product, your review was
    very helpful. This quad is pretty easy to fly, though I've been flying R/C helicopters a while, the
    controls are easy to pick up on, and get coordinated with. Lots of fun. Good bang for the buck.

  8. Just got mine today… Man I love it. Never had anything that had Remote Control… flew it the first time in my living room.. very small space and it was amazing how fast I learned to control it in Position 1 on hardness… Thanks for the Video


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