UDI RC U818A-1 RC Quadcopter Drone


There are simply not enough good things that I can say about this RC Quadcopter / Drone. First off, I need to tell you that I was provided a sample for review …


  1. So my in-laws bought me this recently but I have trouble getting it started. I plug in the drone and I get all my lights on. I turn on the remote and go up down and up but it doesn't connect ( I don't hear the beep sound). Do you have any ideas on why it doesn't start? I followed what you did on the video ๐Ÿ™

  2. Having the same camera issues with it not taking still pictures or video…Indicator light on the camera will flash once for every time the picture mode button is pressed…Video mode also flashes only once…not off and on as the users manual states…Maybe the included 4gb card is not working…Otherwise it's a great little quad…Anyone else encountering this glitch with their camera system…??

  3. Hi Joseph, we got one of those as a Christmas gift for our son this year and he loves it. It works great, except we can not get the video to work (just audio). It takes great pictures but every time he tries to take a video he only gets audio. Is he doing something wrong? Could it be the TF card (which came with it)? Or do we need to return it?
    Please help.

  4. Just got one today… First time I hit the ceiling in my living room.. but then I learned quickly how to control the speed a bit… I love it and the first video was pretty good.. had no trouble with the memory card… I got it for just under $100 on Amazon

  5. I've had one for about 2 weeks.ย  Couple of things:
    1) The charger is built upside-down.ย  REALLY annoying, because you can't see the lights while charging.ย  You might want to get a 3rd party charger.
    2) If you do buy extra batteries, sometimes they're a little loose.ย  I just put a layer or two of masking tape around those batteries to make them a little thicker and they don't fall out.ย  The stock batteries are fine.
    3) The audio on the camera is useless, as you just hear the whine (and a high pitched whine it is!) of the blades.

    Otherwise, great starter drone, fun to play with in the back yard.ย  Not good in winds above 5mph.

    Also, I wish it had an on/off switch on the craft instead of having to unplug the battery. Oh, and the manual is a joke!

  6. Honestly, sometimes the TF cards that come with these aren't the greatest. I would pop in another one that you have laying around and see if that works…write back and let me know if that doesn't solve your problem


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