Tracker Drone – Create Toys E901 RC Quadcopter Review – TheRcSaylors


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  1. Its so nice to have two opinions,I just bought my first quad copter ,because of your video,I really got two ,I bought a smaller one to learn on first,the big one is already here,I waiting on my little one,then I go out and play,I think when you can start with a cheaper one first to learn .but first watch the saylors videos,so you don't buy a bad one.

  2. Abby is a really good pilot.. so far! Just catching up on the videos but the name of this drone caught my eye, but it's like click bait.. nothing tracker about it, lol.. still a decent looking quad tho!

  3. I am with Abby on this one.  I am trying to teach my wife the joy of flight.  In this case I am not going to start her out on an Estes ProtoN Nano or an Estes Proto X FPV (my first mistakes) but I am going to start her out with one of these.  Thanks Abby.

  4. I always love the big ones too! It seems like the bigger they are, the more stable they are. Abby is a lot better at flying these quads. I remember when she could barely lift them off the ground without crashing.


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