Top Tips for Amazing Cinematic Drone Footage


I have just recently got into using quadcopters/drones for capturing video. With my background in film making I thought it would be useful to share what I have learned so far so you can get…


  1. Excellent tips. Thank you. The one thing I would add (coming from a musical background myself) is using the RIGHT music for your background to set the mood/tempo of the shot(s). Nothing worse than watching a soothing calm drone shot with death metal music as the backdrop…. Put as much effort into the music for your video as you do in MAKING the video.

  2. Just subscribed to you and saw this video from you. Wow great tips I already learned a few things. Keep them coming. Any ideas of the Phantom video settings and do you use any ND filters or anything?

  3. Thank you from Australia Jonathan. Your brief video was an answer to many questions we had *especially about using the drone as a hand held platform. Now on our large monitor the video is 'chugging' Is this because the video was shot in 4 k and our computers are not capable of this technology? Is it a PAL/NTSC issue? Im sure many will say the video is not good when in fact their viewing device is not up to the technology. Cheers


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