Top Six FPV Drone Racing Beginner Mistakes


Here is my list of the top six mistakes that people make when they get into FPV Drone Racing.


  1. Hi,
    When I read the title of your video, i thought "here's another video about obvious stuff", but then I watched the video I thought "I have made everyone of those mistakes" and "I wish I had watched this video 2 years ago!". Now I am trying to break my addiction to self-leveling, and the really bad (lazy) habits it results in. Perhaps if I had used a simulator with acro mode from the start, I would be farther ahead in my flying skills:). One thing is for sure, if I had used a simulator, I would definitely have spent many less repair hours, and dollars.
    Thanks for the vid!

  2. I've just got into the idea of building and flying a fpv quadcopter. I'm very new to this, and it seems like the knowledge needed to do this is very specific depending on what you intend to get out of your drone. One of my main concerns is buying the wrong parts for the job, or paying too much/ too little for them. I've been looking at a fat shark teleporter v5 goggle bundle. They include an fpv camera with receiver. But this particular receiver is fcc certified. I understand that this means it's legal to use without a licence, but I've also heard bad things about the performance of fcc receivers. Would I be better off to just get a fcc receiver for my baby steps into this hobby, or should I just go for a licence or more reliable alternative? Thanks.

  3. love this video! jumping into it. bouaght a walkera 250 pro. showed up defective. nooowwww i have thrust uav riot on the way. excited. gonna take it slow. starting on 3c batt and 2 blade props. starti g from only flying phantom, lol.

  4. I have another take on this.  I'm old school and have played flight sim games for years.  Bored really quick on the quad sims.  Instead I "armored up" the drone.  Re-enforced it so it can take crashes a lot better.  Worked like a charm.  I actually don't crash much anyways…..although landing is an issue with the upturned cam.  So basically…..I think it's just better to get out and fly the thing.

  5. Hi Joshua. Just got into this complicated hobby almost a month ago. I happened to buy an eachine aurora 90 and I am facing a horrible experience. I hope u can help me.
    To cut it short, whenever I plug the stock camera into the drone, plug in the battery, fly for 5-8 secs, then the quad will suddenly flip to the ground. But whenever the camera is unplugged (flying LOS since no camera) its flying fine.
    Could you advise generally what causing this flipping?
    (Using DSHOT600; 2S Lipo)
    Heres what makes it weird.. I plugged in the camera, then plug in the "STOCK BATTERY", the quad is flying fine..the moment I plug a different flips like crazy.. Is it problem with the FC?
    stock batt=450mAh 80C
    diff batt=460mAh 75C

    Hope you can advise me how to fix this.
    You're channel is awesome!!

  6. Yes mr. Bardwell its true! I crash a lot. But when i used simulator. I starting to learn how to fly. So now i can flew over and under the trees. Thank you for sharing your ideas and knowledge. 🙂

  7. drive 2 hours? Thats a bit too much.

    Good tips though. Thanks!
    Ill probably spend about 400 and ill def make sure to but atleast 30 – 40 hours in simulator.

    Shouldnt be too hard. Its almost like playing a game. :]

  8. The rushing mistake is so critical and I did it, too. A friend of mine who got me into fpv didn't read the manual properly on a DSMX RX and the failsafe didn't work. It would just fly away. He switched transmitters and got himself a Taranis. Same problem for me when he showed me how to bind, but the first time I do it on my on everything works. Just followed the (bad) chinglish manual and it worked. And don't go flying just because the drone is about ready to hover if you are building it yourself. I went out without OSD or an internal buzzer or LEDs attached and it was a little bit of a pain finding my drone when it crashed into a bush or high grass. Always had to try and get the buzzer for the balance cable somewhere under my strap. It's not easy to find when it flies off on its own during a crash. I landed a lot to take a look at the voltage without load, changed batteries at 3.7 or 3.8 Volt per cell because I thought it was too much of a hassle to put the drone back, sit down, fly for just another minute, and that way I lost flight time. Get those parts and use them. Another thing I did wrong was not setting up my rates. Roll, pitch and yaw were just too slow and I didn't take my time to increase them before the next couple of flights. Thought about buying better motors because I didn't really understand what those numbers meant. The experience will be better if you don't just leave your workshop halfway done.

  9. Thanks Josh for the tip on using a sim, here is my plan…I just purchased 3 drone kits so I can experience building and then having the knowledge to fix them when they turn into a lawn dart. But my ultimate goal is to get into the ag and inspection biz . Knowing this what sim on the market will be my best trainer. I purchased a FrSky taranis and just bought the usb dongle for it tp use with a sim, I believe it is the one you shown on the video. So please shoot me in the right direction on what sim to purchase. Luv your knowledge and keep it up bro….any input from anyone will be much appreciated.

  10. My first Quad    an Align MP25  flown on auto level mode .   I have 30 plus years of experience flying r/c helicopters .Blue screen had me searching. 2nd attempt   experienced   drone pilot checking out   my flight   5 seconds later he lost video   I had clear video   and was so distracted by his announcement that I crashed somewhere   again .   amazingly undamaged   . but now almost totally disillusioned .After viewing your learning to fly video's   I am all revved up to have another go .  at 72 years young  the clock is ticking   and I really want to do this .

  11. Mistake number one is being too impatient! Get some hours in a simulator first. I would say around 30-50 hours. Then get out there and apply what you have learned. Don't go crazy on flips and rolls, and if you totally want to do them high up in the sky. You really don't want your quad to be destroyed the first time flying. There is nothing more heartbreaking. Trust me 😉

  12. Hello
    Cool vid:)
    I have lots of experience flying quads and drones
    But I am new to the fantastic world of drone racing quads
    What would u recommend be the cheapest goggles that can be used and enjoyed with
    for the walkera furious 215?

  13. Hi Joshua 🙂

    I'd like to start off with an apology for my inferior english and i hope you can take the time to read this to the end.

    Now,,, I for one have been inspired by you to take up this hobby last year, since then I have made all the mistakes you list here in the same order as you have listed them, I just wish i you had made this video MUCH earlier. That would have cost me a ton of moneys, but I too have come to the exact same conclusions as you but by doing the hard way. At about 10:20 you mention going at it alone, i for one was blessed by friends also taking an interest but i was the first one of us to get a 4 capable quad. I tore that thing to shreds and i made some interesting conclusions.

    1. Dont buy a quad that has a powerdistribution board that also doubles as a frame. This will cost you so much grief and waiting time for the chinese warehouse to send you the replacement board. Get one of the stacks or use a matek board or similar.

    2. Buy a deacent soldering iron that has a thermostat. dont skimp on the solder either. get the core resin type if you are new to soldering, ( you WILL be doing a lot of soldering as most makers of the stuff we use are not friends or even close. They will use different sockets and plugs for almost every possible combination of hardware you want to use.)

    3.Get an OSD that can display your battery voltage. ( I know of several pilots that preferr not to have an osd at all as it clogs up their vision. But you can moove it all the way into a corner so it gets less intrusive)

    4.Get a buzzer/lost alarm. ( you WILL loose your quad. Yep, i know… you never lost a quad and you never will. Super!! thats great! but for most of us we want to push our limits so we can improve our skills, and sadly that gets you treequad or a forest quad. and its bad for the enviroment to leave it there, plus is costs a deacent buck too)

    5.Build your quad your self. ( you will get to learn much more about how to set it up, how to tune the dreaded PID's and filters. )

    6.Take the time to check several reviews from several people before making a purchase that costs more a pittence. (many of the big names in this hobby have been getting stuff for free for several years and make living off it too. Im not saying all are crooked , but a few are. Or at least have been proven to be in the past so make your intelligence decide what your wallet can afford 🙂 )

    7. Use brand names on the important stuff. Dont skimp on the wire quality as this might lead to headaches in the future.

    8. Always do your preflight checklist. does not matter how pro you are… ALWAYS DO YOUR CHECKLIST.

    If your inbox overflows on ppl needing help with cc3d or sprf3 troubleshooting dont think twice about forewarding them to me 🙂 General stuff i also assit for free with. soldering tips and the likes too. If we all pitch in a little bit this scene is going to be sooo much better. I for one do not posess the voice nor the mug to da tubechannel so thanx again Mr. Bardwell.


  14. About pricing – I'm Building my first drone out of the MHQ2 3D Printed Frame and for all electronics (not the cheapest but Named manufacturers like turnigy and Emax) and all electronics, Motors and batterys cost me about 200€ (except Transmitter that i already have), so i think I'm good with that. Not yet added FPV Setup. Wanna first sight fly to get this Thing flying before integrating cam and buy goggles.

  15. I got an eachine falcon250 pro and that was my first brushless drone and the first thing I did was crash and then I crashed again and broke the balance lead off the 3s 1500mAh battery and that is my only battery

  16. My biggest mistake was FSTH9x radio – this thing was soo frustrating for a noob – and I ended up frying it and my new (of course) DJT module… 😀 Taranis was so much easier 🙂
    And I have to agree with simulator advice, I spent good amount of time with hotprops and DRL sim, and when the spring came I just took off and flown acro and did not crash nor lost my drone 😀

  17. hey josh, i had an issue where my taranis would do random front flips, only when i use the orange dongle like you have. Its corrected if i jiggy my right stick around but its very annoying. makes me run usb mode.


  19. just reach out on youtbe comments or rcgroups…. somebody will help, we all learned from each other, youtubers can't answer the same noob questions over and over. this hobby is really a steep learning curve, and nobody here did it alone, just ask. i just helped a guy from denmark with no english from scratch… a month and 150 emails later…. he's out doing test flights today.

  20. i had major difficulty after 2 years of auto level, switching to pinch style and fpv and acro…… extremely difficult transition…. get on the sim… stop flying auto level… have a little play with fpv and auto level, but go acro tilt the camera to 20 degrees


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