Top 5 Mistakes of Noob Race Drone Owners – MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU PURCHASE


This list is comprised from the top 5 most common issues from the feedback of customers Make sure you watch all they way thru because a few minutes of time …


  1. I want to learn fpv flying. But what is a good beginner goggle? I thought about Eachine ev800d, Eachine ev100, Eachine vrd2 or JJRC JJPRO F01. I don't want a really expensive one but ones like underneath 90 dollars or something. What do you recommend? I wanna fly outdoor and indoor.

  2. Wow that battery was ripped wide open and the guy is all wrapping his hands around it. Good thing he obviously didnt have sweaty palms. Cause that lithium reacts with water or moisture violently. But that would have been a good time to mention battery protection. Even some zip ties placed so it covers corners can add some protection. Or placing it in a baloon for in case of rain. And also how carbon fiber is conductive and can cause grounding of wires and or boards. Anyway. I can go on all day. Maybe this should be 10mistakes….. No make that 20. Aaah hell just write a manual for it.

  3. My NOOB mistake was not properly charging the battery. I saw all the DO NOT OVERCHARGE! Vids. So when my battery got to 14.8 I would stop my charger. I was so bummed at 2 minutes of flight time. A full charged battery is 4.2 volts per cell. DAMN WISH I KNEW THAT FOR THE FIRST MONTH. LOLZ!

  4. Yeah the first mistake is they call a quadcopter an FPV RACE DRONE. Unless it can fly itself itโ€™s not a drone. So until then itโ€™s a quadcopter. But thatโ€™s just my view on the situation.

  5. what is the point of flying a toy around! its not like your flying around ! your paying for a piece of plastic to have fun! lmao… just buy a mosquito and fly yourself!

  6. Had a Nanowii and hooked a cheap fpv camera on it myself, flew fpv then llst it.
    bought a TBS Vendetta II as my first real race quad. Its great. almost impossible to break and works perfectly out of the box. PIDs are as good as perfect and flashing it with betaflight is simple if you use tbs agent. runs Cleanflight out of the box

  7. Thanks you guys….I just bought my first quad and I know nothing about setting it up. So thank you for the information and I maybe calling for answers to my one thousand and one questions.

  8. Maybe a good rule is read the instructions first if available to your machine? For instance my brother received a drone from Best Buy for Christmas,( don't remember which, about $200), he took it outside and five minutes later he came in saying it was gone. He said it went up as fast as it could until it was only a speck in the sky and it went over the trees and goodbye. But the even crazier thing is he went back to the store the next day bought another one and did the exact same thing! LMAO SMH!

  9. You didn't go over anything important…
    1. Location: don't fly over other's property (unless you have permission), over crowds, in a parking lot (you really think you can afford to fix that Farrari?), too many trees for your first flight. Pick a nice open grass field for your first flight or tow
    2. Not setting up fail safe: Everything is going good, then your signal is blocked by a lot of trees or a house and your quad goes insane and slams into your neighbors window at some random trajectory.
    3. Buy extra batteries: You have a blast, huge smile on your face, then 5 minutes later your batteries dead and you don't have any spares for the evening… You've already spend probably $350, might as well spend another $40 and get 2 extra batteries (micro 3s might even get 4 batteries at that price)
    4. Practice on sims: Even if you're rich, you certainly don't want to sit for a week waiting for parts to come in, so you might as well practice on a computer where all you have to do is hit the reset button. If you choose to ignore this, at least you will be a pro at soldering early on!
    5. Flying too long in auto-level mode: first flight or 2, alright. After that, you don't want to get dependent on a crutch since its nothing like Acro and severely limiting.
    6. (Race quads only): buy extra props, you will be breaking them. I don't care if you're a pro, if you're not breaking props, your not pushing yourself or probably having much fun.
    7. Spending too much: When I fly my quad, I fly it like I stole it! Its a total blast, and the saddest thing to see is someone pretty much hiding under a rock, because they spend X amount (like $400) on the quad alone, and they're too scared to break something so they fly like a grandma… Trust me, you'll have so much more fun on a $150 quad ripping it around like there is no tomorrow, as opposed to flying something being tense and scared the whole time.

    8. Don't forget to fly legally. For the US, that means no flying within 5 miles of an airport, keep it under 400 ft, DO NOT use 1.3 Ghz (HAM licence only, and 5.8 Ghz is pretty good anyways). Also registration may be required depending if that gets repealed again and the quads weight.

    9. For phantom owners: Look at the crash videos. Number 1 reason for crashes is probably not looking where you're going. Do you drive your car looking out the side window the whole time? If you do, I applaud you for your mad drifting skills.

    10. MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!!: Have fun! You didn't spend your money to just sit around and be bored, go rip that thing around! Use it, enjoy it. If it breaks, don't shed a tear, laugh at it and learn from your mistakes. Its just cheap carbon and motors in the end, so try that inverted yaw spiral around a tall tree, go ahead and do some tricks you've never tried. Have fun.


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