TOP 5 FPV Goggles – Picking out your first pair


Top 5 Fpv goggles for new fpv pilots. This video in loaded with information that new pilots should know when selecting their first pair of fpv goggles. An absolute …


  1. the only thing that matters to me is lens and focus adjustment and the largest field of view possible and the use of any receiver, why is that so hard? why wastes time on DVR and fans and batteries and comfort we can add that later ourselves, they forget quad racers know how to solder and fiddle and make things work, just focus on the vitals.

  2. Hi Justin: could you help me with a problem that I'm running into with SD cards that I'm trying to use with the Eachine VR D2 Pro 5 Inches 800*480 40CH 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles DVR . I keep getting a "card full" notice when I plug in my cards? Everything from a 16GB up to 64GB cards???? Help!

  3. I've asked others without a response. What would you recommend for someone on a hard budget of $300 for both a radio and an FPV set of goggles.

    I run an Inductrix FPV Plus (RTF) as my quad. The included radio is way too sensitive with the throttle in any mode (I need some radio with the ability to set expo on the throttle). I don't need a DVR as I have the DVR monitor that comes with the FPV Plus RTF. I absolutely do not want a 'box' goggle set.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

  4. How about the Dominator V3? They seem to be the most popular goggle out there.
    I bought a used pair of Dominator HD3, but I wish I bought a new pair of Aeomway Commanders instead.

  5. Hi Drone Camps RC
    hoping you can help me. iv just made my 1st drone/plane perches. it's an XK A1200 FPV. I would like to connect it to a set of goggles but I am not sure if I can. could you help? its FPV system is an AV transmitter: 5.8G 200mW 40CH. thanks in advance

  6. Hi
    I see you have lots of experience with racing drones. I want to buy mini drone with good video range lets say 200-300m or maybe 500m if possible??? And good video quality, so im guessing I need good camera and goggles.
    Doesn't have to be fastest drone but I want nice flyer and not to expensive 🙂 . I already bought eachine vr011 they 5inch 800×480(not sure if i will get a good quality of those? But i don't want to spend 300£ for fatsharks ), also i already bought flat panel antenna and mushroom antenna to upgrade the range .
    I bought flysky fs-i6 transmitter without receiver . Now my question is which of this mini drones will give me nice flying experience ?
    I really have no idea what to get.
    I know soldering and im good with diy , but im completely new to fpv . I was thinking to get fighter 130 and change the camera , antenna and receiver , but i don't know which ones to get, or maybe there are better options?
    Do you mind to give me some advise ? Maybe on messenger if is too much here (my facebook account: DYMO Landscapes)
    Thanks in advance

  7. i heard that the Aomways come in a newer version. is that true? i noticed that the ones your featuring must be the V1 style because the buttons are not labeled. V2 are labeled. do you know where I can get a pair?

  8. Hello Justin, great review. I wear glasses and its a hard decision of which fpv goggles to choose and get right. 16.9 or 4.3 ,DVR , field of view, diversity, and a fan. Yet if not comfortable on my face. Decisions ?


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