Top 5 Drone + 360 Camera Tips!


Shot with: DJI Mavic Pro (Fly more kit): Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere: …


  1. Hi, any thoughts on using the KODAK SP360 4K – DUAL PRO Pack in a similar set up on a mavic drone, one camera on top of the drone and one below? The dual pack can be picked up second hand now for a few hundred euro. Thanks

  2. Another idea that may work could be to lay the cameras flat against the drone so that you're only really using one side of each, and then stitch the 2 half domes together. Though not sure if their would be enough overlap as the drone might be too thick to give a decent stitch.

  3. Xiaomi is very good camera, but totally not aerodynamic – I see it moving when wind strikes drone, so the best option on drone is Samsung gear 2016 – it just a ball and probably you need more stiff mounts to minimize movements


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