Top 5 Camera Drones under $100


Here are the top 5 Camera drones that you can buy for under $100. DISCOUNT ON FPV DRONE: Coupon code:JDY9058 using it can save 6$ Link:


  1. All outdated. Look at the MJX Bugs 3, brushless quadcopter with up to 15 min. battery life and you can even mount your GoPro. Great drone and it is quite cheap, dont know in AUD but around 100€.

  2. Ok everyone don't get the Syma x5sw I got this drone flew it And it did good next day flew it and it would barley get off the ground and one of the motors was already Broken it is a very cheap not very durable drone I don't want you guys to waste you money like I did

  3. I recently bought the Skytech M62R for $43 incl, post on Ebay. It is relatively easy to fly and has a 0.3 megapixel camera. It can to flips and has an advertised control range of 50 meters, I personally have flown it much farther than that tho. The body is SUPER durable but the propellers are kind of weak. It can be used for around 6 min and the charging period is 40 minutes.


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