TOP 5 BEST DRONES 2018 Available NOW on Amazon 2018


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  1. Dji is by far the worst company to ever do business with. I bought a phantom 4 pro and I had to send it in right off because of a factory issue. When. I got it back I flew it three times and then it refused to fly because of some battery error I got after a update so I sent it in again and they wanted me to pay 469 dollars for 3 new batteries and repairs . Well after about a week of yelling and fighting they all for free. I sold my for e soon after. Any company that refuses to do good for there customers when the product is brand new under warranty and ttys every thing possible to get away with not taking responsibility for what was there issue in the first place is someone not to buy from. You have been warned

  2. kari ke ro dron estebah anjam shode be khater vazne kamesh almicher ya be ebarate dige motor etiyaj nadare ba feshare hava ham masraf kamtar ham bishtar ro hava mimone

  3. Can anyone recommend cheapest drone with 4k/gimbal, follow me, and GPS? I'm having a tough time finding something with all 3 of those !!!!! Also obstical avoidance.Thx…mike


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