Top 5 Best 3D Printers You Can Buy In 2018 [Best 3D Printers 2018]


in this video, we have penned down a handy list that contains the best 3d printers in the market in 2018 Links to all the 3D Printers shown in the Video [ Click “Show More” ]. ~*~ Best…


  1. I don't know why 3D companies keep promoting these products when they should really be telling consumers YOU HAVE TO HAVE A 3D PROGRAM in order to enjoy your creativity using the printer YES! THERE ARE FREE ONES!! But, what if you want to create your own?! They keep showing finish product etc..etc..and how it project product design why don't you tell them material cost for every printed item etc..etc..Stop showing your printer models & size TOO MUCH PRODUCT ADVERTISEMENT!!

  2. Ok number 5 The robo, probably a good machine.
    Number 4. consumer 3D scanners are a gimmick. they suck dick.
    Number 3. The MOD-T is loud and has weirdly different design, and does not print well
    Number 2. Anyone who knows anything about 3D printing knows the new line of makerbot printers has an extrusion problem that makes them almost unusable.
    Number 1. The ultimaker deserves the number 1 spot. Though its super expensive.
    Number 1B. The form labs is super expensive and expensive to run, more difficult to use than any machine here, AND once you open the very expensive resin, it has a shot life. Additionally it is probably the most expensive printer on this list with the smallest build volume. The prints age quickly in the sun. However being an SLA machine, it prints far better than anything on this list.

  3. I dont get it! +200K subscribers by stealing some others videos and trying to get a benefit from….

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  4. Do not get a makerbot. Nothing but problems, unable to print anything bigger with out it jamming or the slicer messing up the print. Get anything should have got the Prusa I3.


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