Top 5 4K Drones in 2018 (What Drone Should You Buy in 2018?!?)


If you are looking to buy a drone in 2018, this is the video for you! This is my extensive list of the top 5 4K drones that you can buy in 2018! I go over everything …


  1. Hey so I'm trying to build a PC under $800 to game with about 80% of the time and stream movies and shows as well as use my social media accounts the other 20% of the time. I was trying to make sure that my system can stay current so in a few years I'll still be able to play new titles. Honestly my head hurts and I am frustrated trying to figure this out. I was told to check out the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X and Asus Geforce 1060. Honestly I have no idea what I am doing here brother and if you could list the best possible stuff to build this PC at a $700-$800 price point I'd greatly appreciate it.


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