Top 3 Drones you should buy


These Drones are amazing……….. Links 1.Hexo+ 2.Phenom 3.PlexiDrone


  1. A drone with a carrying capacity of 21 tonnes and 500 km payload limit, and 2600km+ without payload, would help movement of resources. This would be the size of a barge or ship. require a  new single class called an Aeronautical Technician/ Pilot. They can be autopathed ot remote locations for resource sharing. Also other feature could include ability ot land on 90% of any terran, including water. A madular bottom outfitted would allow it to not only haul custom crates, but be immersive in other fields, such as winching and craning for high tower or deep water operations in which need a stable platform ot lift form the ocean. Its weakness would be wind, but there are mthods to reduce the impact of win. Be an interesting project, that is what my mind came up with in my imagination. Complete with safety barrier and crew fall arrests incase of accidents and. auto landing sequences.

  2. The plexidrone is a regular kickstarter moneymagnet. See the imperfections in the obviously 3d printed clamps, the "unique" landing gear.. 7:32, cheapo hobbyking motors and cheapy props… Cellphone for follow me… Funny when your Wifi drops out or the phone battery is flat. I'd be surprised if they included a failsave. See through the marketing slick, when you wipe it clear it's just a project to make quick money. "Plexidrone is ready… For a lot of dissapointment." 😛
    …The exact ultrasonic sensor is available for arduino, €2…
    I'm not just ripping on the plexidrone by the way… Gadgetcopters like this are pricey, and are they worth the price for the film you're getting out of it? Most of the gadgety copters use regular RC electronics, but with a zero added on the price tag. If you are interested in aerial video, do some research before you lose a lot of money. Learn to fly without GPS/ stabilisation if you want full controll.

    Adding safety features makes the user lazy, GPS settings wrong? No RTH… GPS obtructed? No RTH.
    Just last week, a new VW car drove into a parked car in a town nearby, park assist.. Because the parking sensors weren't in the colour of the bumper- so they painted the sensors to match. Just saying, keep it simple.

  3. What if I can only afford one?
    Gee. I guess I could put three of em' to use. Not at the same time, though.
    What? I need five drone inventions too? You Guys! It's gonna be another two years to pay off the five bike inventions! Can ya' back-off on the peer-pressure just a tad?

  4. Freeze HD: I absolutely love this. The footage is amazing and I know you guys will sell a ton of these. One small criticism though. Please don't dumb it down too much. It takes a pilot to make great footage.

  5. The funny thing is they stolen the Hexacopter from an FPV Team who designed this Hexacopter "Drone" from (Team Blacksheep) and than sized it up and put one of theire follow me moduls in and say hey that is our new invention -.-

  6. Well… I know how noisy they can be which also causes negative attention, the bigger they are the louder they get sense they are heavier and have to move more air, but the technology is getting more interesting using smart phones.

  7. The concept -GREAT!
    The reality? not soo great. There are trees, power lines, structures, or worse people on the way, which spells disaster!
    Also, gps is not exact reliability sooo….
    Maybe in near future but not right now for general consumer…but by then there will be govt regulations in effect(and rightfully so).


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