Top 10 Best Tech Gadget Gifts – Christmas 2017 | The Tech Chap


My Top 10 Best Tech Gifts 2017 for Black Friday, Christmas & the Holidays – from Drones and Smart Speakers to Cheap Tablets and Robot Cleaners – There’s …


  1. I watched a few videos featuring gifts and yours was the best. All your choices were interesting and cool.

    Love to watch your videos, they are awesome. Thank you for putting so much effort into making them.

  2. Love the little spark! But i dont get why everyone wants retro games….ilove my xbox and would never choose my old atari kind of experience over assassins creed etc…..dont even miss mario one bit

  3. SNES mini is supposed to be £59.99, I'd really recommend not paying anymore than this from people trying to gouge for them. Nintendo said they'd produce more runs of it, see if they stick to that statement.

  4. Thanks, got a decent plan for Christmas now, much appreciated!
    really looking forward to see the surface book 2 review!
    plus, your videos are all in top quality in the range of YouTube so please do keep it up!!!


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